Silly Sierra

My poor kids growing up with a camera in their faces all the time. I’ve cut back on having the big black box in front of my face quite a bit. There are now days in a row where I don’t even pick it up! But poor Sierra, she is sooooo sick of the camera. And she doesn’t act all sick of it but I just know she is. She likes that I take pictures, she asks me to, but as far as acting natural? She’s just almost incapable of it. She gets dazed or crazy but rarely anything in between. Getting a natural expression out of her is near impossible!

So today we were at the arboretum and I snapped a bunch of her doing her thang, hanging out looking at flowers and stuff but despite that being very her life right now I really wanted just one or two shots with some eye contact without her looking like she might fall asleep any second.

So I told her, holee crud Sierra the camera loves you! You are so good at posing and your face looks amazing, you have the cutest smile and your eyes are just lit up and glowing!
And it worked! I got three pictures of her that I LOOOOOOVEEEEE!
Here’s one of her being silly. I am so ansy to edit the rest but have to get ready to go pick up Brooklyn from school! I actually really missed Brooklyn today. It was the first time in MY entire adult life that I’ve gone to an arboretum without her and it felt like I was cheating on her or something! lol!

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