Old Quotes

I may have posted these before, I’m not sure. They were from a year and a half ago or maybe longer. I’m just typing them up so I can throw away the random papers they were on.

Brooklyn: “We’re not bad people, we just don’t like cleaning playrooms.”

Brooklyn really wanted there to be water in a broken fountain. A few minutes later she tells me sadly, “I prayed to Jesus about the fountain. There’s no water in that fountain.”

Sierra: “When I’m bigger I’ll get candy, cake, pop, and candy!”
Brooklyn: “When I’m a mommy I’ll get pop and not get my kids any.”

Sierra was talking about how she wanted a cat so bad but we can’t have one because Allan’s allergic. She told me she’d get a cat when she’s a grown up. I asked her what if her husband was allergic. She replied, “I’ll put the cat outside and bring it in when my husband goes to work.”

The girls used to call me, “Big ol’ mama”

Brooklyn laughing told me, “You’re cracking me open!”

Brooklyn has always really loved flowers and was talking about how pretty they are. Allan told her, “Do you know what’s more beautiful than a flower?” She said, “what?” and he pointed to her.

Brooklyn asks, “What are we having for breakfast?”
I say, “Eggs, toast and orange juice.”
She says, “That’s it?”

Sierra says, “Mmmm, you smell good mom!” (She always tells me that)

Sierra drank juice from the day before. Brooklyn sternly tells her, “Sierra stop eating rotten stuff, you’re not the grinch! You could die!”

The girls were singing along to Frente’s song “don’t make me smile” and Brooklyn said, “That’s music for us. I like that song.”

And today Allan was putting on the carrier to carry a cranky Ember around in (just now as I blog) and asked, “What happened to this carrier?!” When I looked he said, “It’s all dirty!”
I said, “Oh yeah, it got dirty.”

haha. He didn’t think it was funny, he said, well I guess you’re not going to answer me. So then I said, “She had one of those baby biter biscuits while I was wearing her the other day.”

And since this was random here are some random pictures that don’t go with anything else I plan to blog about this week:
Payson eating corn on the cob during Ember’s birthday party (we had a BBQ)

The middle kids making moon rocks out of dough. We were learning all about the moon that day. There were some super fun activities. I didn’t take any pictures besides that one and only because they asked me to! lol. Bad homeschool mom! No photos? What’s up with me? Oh yeah, I’m so busy I can barely breathe!

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