Self Portrait Project

I’m getting older. I look older, my body feels older… time is flying by.
I was looking at some pictures of myself from the last five-ish years last week and wishing there were more. I thought I did a good job back then of getting enough of me. At the time taking them feels vain or not even vain because I don’t like the way I look but… selfish? I don’t know, I feel super strange when I take my own picture.

But I really wish I had more of them! Even when I was fat (2007!) I wish I had more pictures of that time. It’s interesting now to see how different my body looked then.

So I’m starting a daily self portrait project. Not necessarily to share on my blog (definitely not sharing most of them on my public blog) but for myself. I’ll share some occasionally here. I know I want to do some (eek) without makeup or my hair done. And I really want more of me doing what I do all day. Driving, shopping, cooking, cleaning (I definitely want more of me cleaning since I do it ALL day long), doing my makeup, sleeping, etc. One a day for the next YEAR! And I think I’ll keep up the motivation if I don’t pressure myself to edit or post them all the time. I’ll take them and if I ever feel like posting them I will, but if I don’t… no biggie, I have them to look back on when I’m older πŸ™‚

So I’ve taken pictures of myself each of the last three days! Yay me.
I took these last night:

I had a hard time editing these because it was so dark when I took them. Lightening them at all gave them a ton of noise.
Here’s what it looked like right then, this is SOOC obviously.

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait Project

  • I really love the darkness to these. I hope you can stick with the project. I suck at sticking to things (case in point: I only lasted 7 hours as a dairy-free human being! Lol). I'm looking forward to seeing the ones that you decide to post….Maybe it will inspire me to get in more pics with my kiddos too.

  • Love these Ariana!!! I agree with Jordan, I like the darkness in them…it gives a mysterious feel. I actually love the use of light. So beautiful! I'm excited to see the ones you post from this project. I wish I could stick to a project like this! I love the idea behind it. I loved the family photo project, the “mondays with moma” project I started…but I NEVER stick to it. I hate that. It's so hard for me to keep up with anything. Some days I just want to QUIT photography so that I can actually document the people I CARE ABOUT. I mean, my clients are great and I am SO blessed to get to do what I love to pay our bills…but it just takes over my life sometimes and that stinks. I have 2 weddings this weekend, so I'm in a bit of a funk about the whole business thing. πŸ™ I need a break.

    You are inspiring me to at least TRY another project. Even if I just use my phone. I want to document these days and I always hate myself when I look back and think, “I was busy working and missed capturing OUR memories…”

    Anyway…sorry for the ramble. I LOVE these pictures of you!! πŸ™‚

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