She was busy and talked too much.

I don’t know what I want to talk about right now. I have a million things going on but probably all of them would be boring to hear about.

1. calling and making a lot of appointments:
-pediatrician for all four kids.
-dentist for the older three kids
-my yearly OBGYN appointment
-Payson’s follow up with his gastroenterologist
-Sierra’s physical therapy appointment
-my family doctor for bloodwork
2. calling every doctor Brooklyn’s ever been to (9 of them) to update her vaccination records since the old one I had was lost by her doctor. Or something. They’re “not sure” ?
3. Filing stuff and reorganizing piles and piles of paper from the last 6 months
4. Googling addresses and trying to find a PT place that is not a thirty minute drive away. Have been unsuccessful there 🙁
5. Cooking, cleaning and changing diapers. Constantly.

And there’s more but my brain isn’t allowing me to remember it. I could go peek at my planner but right now I’d like to pretend that I don’t have twenty more things on that list and only have: “blog”

I’m trying to start writing down funny things the kids say again. I used to do so well at that in Texas. I am going to try even harder because they’re hilarious and I never record any of it!

Some funny things I wrote down:
Payson telling me, “Mommy Boogin’s gone. Boogin’s at school.” (Boogin naturally is Brooklyn. And just to put it here, Sierra is “Seeya” and Ember is now pronouced right!)

While eating carrots Payson said, “Mommy, I need branch.” (ranch dressing)

We were sitting together on the couch reading or something and Payson randomly holds up his foot to me and says, “Mom look!! My feet!”

Something broke and Allan and the girls were talking about needing to fix it. Brooklyn said they needed glue and Allan said, “No, we need magic for that.”

Allan was changing the lightbulbs in a light and the girls were asking about them and if they’re called lightbulbs or something like that. Allan said, “No, they’re eyeballs!” And held them up to his eyes.

Payson was whining for breakfast, as usual, while I was making breakfast. I told him I was making hashbrowns and ham.
“NO! I hate hashbrowns and ham!”
“Do you want watermelon?”
“No I NEED hashbrowns and ham!!!”

While wearing Ember in the carrier on my back while cooking. I was listening to music, she was dancing and boogying in the carrier, Payson ran up and smiled at her. She’d laugh and he would too.

The pest control guy was spraying the backyard. Payson was at the table waitinf ro breakfast and said, “There’s a boy over there!” I told him that he’s killing the bugs. Payson said, “Yeah, he’s killing the mean spiders and ants!”

Often I’ll be unloading the dishwasher of clean dishes and will find a dirty sippy cup of Payson’s. With the lid on, upside down in there next to the girls cups that had been washed.

Brooklyn was reading to Sierra. A book talks about moving to a mountain with a lake. Brooklyn stops reading to say, “Isn’t that nice?” After a description of all the things you’ll see there Sierra says, “I want to go fishing there.”

I bring Ember out of my bedroom where she’d been napping. Payson runs over, “Embow is so cee ute!!” He smiles, “I love that baby!”

Ember gets hurt. Payson says, “Stinky, stinky, poo!” While wiggling a finger toward her. (He things when I say gitchy gitchy goo I’m saying stinky stinky poo!)

Eating McDonald’s. Payson holds a french fry up to the private area of his happy meal toy and tells me, “Look mommy, him’s have a peepee!”

He draws peepees (a line) on some of his drawings of himself. So funny.

Often he’ll tell me, “Mommy, guess what.” I say what, “Red car drives on the road.” He seriously says this at least once a day but more like five times. I always laugh because I know it’s coming. With the encouragement he immediately follows up with, “And green car is mean but red car is nice.” And smiles as if red car would since he’s so nice.

Did I mention Sierra started her busy bees preschool fun class again? She’ll be too old for it come January 🙁

We made yet another trip to Costco and I hadn’t planned on taking pictures but the kids kept hiding from me under tables. I thought it was funny (to be honest, only because I had antibacterial wipes in my purse, I’m a bit of a germ freak)

Ember was happy in the cart.

She gets a LOT of attention when we’re out. People LOVE her. She loves it.

We get to Brooklyn’s school early to pick her up every afternoon. If we don’t we end up twenty cars down the line and waiting for 30+ minutes. No joke. While we wait the 15 minutes Sierra climbs up front to watch me play angry birds. She was wearing my glasses yesterday.

I hate spending time on myself in the mornings. Either one or two kids are crying or we just simply do not have time for it. So I always have a ponytail and most mornings I throw a jacket on over my tank top and pretend I look presentable.

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