11 Months Old

My sweet tiny little baby has gone and turned 11 months old. Can it really be that in one short month I’ll have a one year old? I know I feel like she’s been my daughter forever but it still seems so recently that she was born. I remember so very vividly the first few hours, days, weeks with her. She’s my little sidekick, that Ember baby. Always at my feet or on my hip or at my breast or crawling all over me.


She’s sleeping while nursing as I type this.

I’m very tired myself which means I should probably get off to bed.

PS: She loves that little rabbit (in the picture) that says the Lord’s prayer. Within two seconds of squeezing that fluffy bunny I’ve got a smiley, giggly little girl.

One thought on “11 Months Old

  • I don't want her to be one year old yet!!! Haha I want her to stay a sweet little baby, as I'm sure you do too. I have such a love/hate relationship with my kids growing up 🙁 Ember looks gorgeous…love the lighting in this picture. So beautiful!

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