Cute Girl

Ember still sleeps in my bed every night. For naps though, it’s the swing.


I don’t know how I’ll ever transition her to her own crib. I’ve read several sleep help books and tried a lot of things during the past 11 months but she’s quite content sleeping cuddled up next to mama. And if I’m honest… mama likes it, too. Sure I’d like to actually sleep 8 hours a night, but that little soft body curled into mine, that sweet happy smile at me in the mornings, oh heavens they’re irresistible!

Ember hates it when I do dishes or prepare meals. She crawls around at my feet crying and whining until I pick her up. Sometimes she plays in the cupboards while I cook and oh boy do I love it when she does. Cooking with both arms free is amazing.

The other day I was cooking and looked down and noticed her sitting in this pot!!


I laughed out loud and ran for the camera! I rarely run for the camera these days because I’m just so flipping busy but I could not resist this! I stood there looking at her wondering how in the world she managed to climb in and sit so perfectly. It was cute!


I’m feeling bummed tonight because I took my computer into Best Buy (spent 2 1/2 hours in that store, aagh, bad experience!) and was told that my four year old computer doesn’t have a good enough processor to support CS5. I was worried that that was the case 🙁

So for now I’ve decided to suffer through the 5 minute wait loading times (for realz) and put off forking out $700 for a new setup until next year.

Editing pictures is an endurance test these days :S

Ember was sitting on my lap nursing in a sleepy daze while I typed this (it’s 12:30am). She just sat up and said something that sounded like YA DA. I pulled her up onto my shoulder where her head went floppy and fell into the crook of my neck. Her hair is sweaty and her body is warm.

We’re off to bed 😉

One thought on “Cute Girl

  • I hate when people say “don't let your baby sleep with you! You'll get him/her into a bad habit!” I always want to say “Do you know any high schoolers that still spoon with their mothers? Because I don't.” You can't “spoil” a baby in my opinion 😉 I slept upright in a recliner with Hudson for ages because I could nurse him, then put him up on my chest and we'd both sleep happily and blissfully for hours. For me, it was a lot more important that we both sleep at that point. He eventually started sleeping in his swing, then in his bed and now he wants nothing to do with me at night time.
    And seriously, who wouldn't want to wake up to that sweet face?!?

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