One thought on “Willow Springs Lake

  • I think it's awesome that you're just going with the flow with weaning Ember. For Hudson and I, it was definitely “time's up…fun's over…time to call it quits” for both of us when he was 10 months old. But I was still an emotional wreck for days!! I'd say one day “Okay, today is the day…we are done” and then by mid-afternoon I'd be bawling and I'd grab him to nurse again. Lol. Hudson treated breastfeeding like a game though. He would happily take a bottle at that point and he LOVED food, so your situation with Ember is totally different. I think you look so happy and so gorgeous in the couple of bf'ing pics Allan took.
    Taking trips with kids is always a joke. The only way I can manage to get through a big outing is by setting really, really low expectations for everyone…that way I won't wind up disappointed 😉 Sucks but that's how it is…someone will always ruin every single fun trip we ever take.

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