Today won’t be fun

I’m exhausted today.

Which is really sad because tomorrow is Brooklyn’s baptism and Allan’s parents and Allan’s sister’s family are coming to our house so I have a lot to do.

So the other day we played in the sprinkler again.

It’s hot here.

I didn’t take any pictures of playing in the sprinkler until the end right before we went inside. Payson was in undies because he’d thrown the biggest fit ever to have me dry him off and put undies on. Then he immediately went back outside and ran through the sprinkler again 😛

That child!

Ember and I ran through the sprinklers together and she laughed so much. It was adorable. When I went inside to change Payson I changed her as well and she spent the last ten minutes in her high chair so my poor back could have a break!

I told him he couldn’t run through the sprinklers once he was dry, so the second he went back outside he ran straight through the sprinklers. He blatantly ignores everything I say.

The girls had been told to not stand there stomping in place because they were making a muddy mess. Did they listen? No.

Payson got a sucker for peeing in the potty.

Today he’s in diapers. I don’t even want to talk about potty training yesterday and how awful it went. It was one of the worst days I’ve ever had with my children. For the sake of my sanity the boy is diapered and clothed today :S

2 thoughts on “Today won’t be fun

  • Potty training sucks so much. I'm thinking about it here, and I feel confident in saying that it's the hardest thing I've done yet as a mom. You aren't *supposed* to get angry…. You aren't *supposed* to punish or show your frustration or anything. But when your kid (who you know to be fully capable of controlling his bowel/bladder function) just doesn't care or doesn't tell you that he has to go….it is nearly impossible to remain calm and patient. It sucks a lot. I'll keep hoping that Payson gets the hang of it fast so you can just move on with your life.

  • I have to agree with Jordan on everything she said about potty training…and I've only had to deal with one kiddo thus far. It is NOT something I'm looking forward to this time around.

    Also, I am exactly the same way about having company come to our place. I clean like crazy. I want everything to be perfect and I usually end up doing the dumbest thing and clean Oren's room up all nice and neat too. Just so that he can go in and destroy it in 10 seconds flat.

    I hate the heat and cannot wait for cold weather. Oren loves to go outside but cannot handle it for more than a few minutes these days. I wish we had a yard for him to run in the sprinkler too!!! He would love that.

    I told Jeremy how I wanted to make my blog private except for just a few like you did and he is encouraging me to do just that. I really should. I think it would help my sanity, being able to say how I really feel. 🙂 I just need to figure out how to make an exact copy of the existing blog like you did to throw some pictures up for family here and there.

    Your earlier post reminds me how much laundry I have to do and how much I truly loath it but I've put it off as long as possible.

    Not sure if I ever mentioned that Oren has had some similar issues with his tummy and his x-ray having nearly the same results as Payson's. He has been on a similar regime of medicines. They think it is why Oren never eats. However, he is a giant, 96th percentile for height and 75 for weight I think.
    This is a novel of a comment sorry!!

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