Not so Well

We’re suffering from a stomach virus here. It’s been a brutal, brutal week for me 🙁

I feel very sorry for myself. lol

In order to not complain right now I thought I’d list the things I’m currently thankful for:

-clorox wipes

-a washing machine

-warm running water for the many baths Payson gets

-my husband and the fact that he will get home Saturday

-boobs full of milk which can get me thirty minute naps with my baby

-the fact that two of my kids can feed themselves if necessary

-TV to occupy a 3 year old

-ipods and preschool ipod games

-age and wisdom. lol- corny but true. I feel so very awful and my children are all so needy but I just walk through it all a little mopey but knowing that in a few days it’ll all be over. No reason to fret too much.

Mostly I’m thankful for my family. I am so lucky- I married up, and my kids are such sweeties sometimes. And even when they’re moody- I know they love me, they know I love them, we’re all fed and clothed. A stomach virus is a little problem in the grand scheme of things.

That’s all I’ve got currently. It’s 9 and I’m going to bed!

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