Brooklyn’s First Day of School!

So today was Brooklyn’s very first day of public school! I can hardly believe it! And yet it feels so natural and easy to transition into! I was wondering how I’d feel once it was actually here. I was surprised by feeling a little bit sad! Brooklyn fights with me on everything in life and is really mean to the other kids so this entire summer I’ve been looking forward to her going to school. But as I sat in the doorway of her class watching her sit at her desk and listen to her teacher she looked like my little baby again and I wanted to run and scoop her up and pat her back and squeeze her close. I got a little teary and felt a pang of sadness as I turned to leave.

I wondered at my reaction as I left the building. Mostly I wondered if I’d feel sad and miss her all day. But within seconds my mind was busy on the next thing (buying Brooklyn’s lunches and cleaning up Payson’s spilled orange juice) that it was all over. I was relieved to have just the three to truck all over the place. The attitude in our “group” (me and the three kids) was so much different with Brooklyn gone. We were all happy, go-with-the-flow, peaceful people. And I looked back at the school and smiled (and admittedly got teary once again) thinking about how much Brooklyn will love school.

She loves people, she loves structure, she loves routine, she will love school. I don’t doubt that for a second.

We’ll see how things turn out but my guess is that this is the best decision we possibly could have made this year!



She didn’t want me to take pictures today! She was embarrassed because no other parents were taking pictures. I told her that I knew she didn’t want to have her picture taken because she was embarrassed and normally I wouldn’t ask her to because I hate having my picture taken when I’m not in the mood for whatever reason but that could we please take some since it was her very first day of public school and I know she’ll want these pictures when she’s older to look back on.

She agreed with me and smiled for this one. (I promised I’d just take one picture in this spot)


She didn’t mind me snapping from the doorway of the classroom though! Yay!



She glanced at me every few seconds (in between looking at her other classmates, hee) and smiled really cute every time. She was happy and I could tell she really liked me standing there for just a minute watching her. The last bit of security I could give her before leaving 🙂


This was the last picture I took. The teacher was walking to the front of the room and I knew I had to leave before she started talking so I wouldn’t distract Brooklyn. I teared up, watched Brooklyn put her full attention on her teacher, snapped this picture, and left.


I can barely wait to see her after school and hear about her day! I hope it goes really well and she has fun. “Luckily” I have Payson’s gastroenterologist appointment to go to to fill up the day. Of course I’d rather my day not be filled up, but I don’t really have a choice. lol

5 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s First Day of School!

  • Awww…Good luck to Brooklyn. And to you, Ariana! You described to a T the emotions I feel at the beginning of each and every school year. I don't think it will ever change. I'm looking forward to the beginning of our school year in two weeks so we can get back into a routine, but I'm bracing myself for some sadness two-fold. Abby begins Kindergarten for the first time. 🙁

    I'm excited for you both.

  • Good Luck to Brooklyn! I hope you all find peace in your new exciting journey.

    She looks adorable by the way for her first day. You always do your girls hair so nicely… I wish I had that talent!

  • She looks so sweet in these pictures…really small and unsure of herself, but so grown up at the same time (if that makes any sense). It's always hard dropping them off on that first day and having to trust other people to guide them and make sure they are safe and happy.
    I know she'll do great and love school. can't wait to hear more as the school year goes on :c)

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