Vaccinations for Brooklyn

For some reason Brooklyn never got her 5 year old vaccinations. I have no idea why because with her I always make sure to take her to the doctor for each appointment they tell me I need and she’s never missed a vaccine they told me she needed. I delayed vaxes with Payson but I thought Brooklyn was fine.

So, turns out she needed three shots to be able to go to school tomorrow. And they told me this last week. And my doctor’s nearest appointment is this Thursday.

So we ended up going to the recreation center where the fire department was doing vaccines for all the kids who needed them before school starts. It was SO strange going to an event like that for me, but it worked… she’s all up to date and can attend public school now. lol

She did great when she got her shots. I could tell she was a bit nervous. And she was super shy with the firemen… I think she nodded a tiny bit once in answer to a question and made a barely audible giggle another time and that was it. lol!

She didn’t even flinch despite it looking pretty painful to me. I could tell it hurt but she held her courageous expression and when they told her she could have two candies she was doing the quiet, stoic faced- beam. It was adorable!

We got home and I gave her some motrin because her arm was really aching.


I think the kind is flavorless (which means gross) or something because it was pretty nasty when I tasted it! (I tasted a bit on my finger to see if it was flavored since it was clear and all)


Candy makes everything better. And boy do my kids feel better this week after the loads of candy they’ve consumed 😛



Sierra and Payson each got one candy, too!


This whole post seems all hunky dory but it was actually extremely stressful to have to take care of her vaccinations when there was so much else to get done and with Ember teething this week. Ember’s never been so cranky in her life! There was one night where she didn’t sleep at all. I was barely functioning I was exhausted. I’m already sleep deprived, I haven’t had more than 5 hours straight for a year and then on top of two weeks of horrible sleep she goes for almost all of the night without sleeping! I’m shuddering just remembering it and I still haven’t even begun to catch up on sleep. But any sleep is better than that one night where I was pacing with her all night!

So anyway, Allan got home this day and wore Ember in the carrier while I made dinner. Thank goodness!! My back is really starting to spasm and pinch and just plain old hurt like crazy!


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