Target for School Supplies

We got Brooklyn’s school supply list in the mail last week so yesterday we went to Target to get it all bought.
Ember was in a good mood. We walked down the baby aisles since I was looking for some new onesies for her (size 18 months! Chubby girl!) and every time we passed toys her eyes would light up and if I picked one up to show it to her she’d do her flirty little smile and bat her lashes. Seriously this child… I love her so much!

I caught the perfect picture of Brooklyn for this phase in her life. Everything is exaggerated and extreme. She’s always looking for something to tattle on her siblings over or to remark negatively about. Always. And the teeniest little thing will set her off.
Here she was telling me, “MOM! Mom, Payson was playing with all of those toys and knocked them off and made a HUGE mess! Can you even believe that? What a horrible child! He’s so horrible. He’s so bad! I can’t believe he did that!”

Me, noticing not a toy on the ground and Payson just finishing putting away a potty chair he’d been looking at (without being asked to put it back)… I calmly reply, “I don’t see any toys.”
Brooklyn, “Well, he cleaned them up right away.”
Me, “Sounds like a very good little boy to me.”

Every ten minutes she’s saying something like that. Over dramatizing everything. I mean everything. Payson takes a sip of his drink and a drop spills on his shirt:
“MOM!! MOM!! Payson SPILLED his DRINK on his SHIRT! He’s the MESSIEST eater in the ENTIRE world!! I can’t BELIEVE he SPILLED his DRINK! He should NEVER get drinks AGAIN!”


There’s a lot of other stories but those are the more mild ones that I feel ok sharing. lol

We got all her school supplies and we all feel excited about school starting. I think she’s going to really love school. I think I’m going to really love not having someone arguing with me every second of the day πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Target for School Supplies

  • is Brooklyn going to traditional school this year? Will is starting a new charter school, but I won't hesitate to switch back to homeschooling if the same issues arise from his old school. I'm really, REALLY interested in the curriculum you bought that has the dvds with it! Oh, and my niece just turned 8 and while she is an only child, she is just like you say Brooklyn is with the drama πŸ™‚

  • I feel SO much better hearing you write those things about Brooklyn! Mia has been the SAME exact way lately! It is crazy! I keep asking her why she feels the need to be so hateful to her siblings about EVERYTHING! She can be the sweetest, most loving, mothering sister….OR….she can be the most hateful! One extreme to the other! Anyway, love all these pictures and posts and so thankful for you sharing your stories!! πŸ™‚

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