10 Months Old

Random thoughts and unrelated pictures of Ember at 10 months old!
When Ember was around 6 months old I went to the store to buy her summer wardrobe. I remember seeing all the cute little dresses and thinking how perfect it would be to buy ten and have those be all she wore once it was hot.

One piece sundress= cheaper and less of a hassle and super cute. Such a smart mom I am!

I failed to remember that both my daughters as crawling babies had hated dresses and Ember probably would, too.
And sure enough, she started crawling and suddenly all the cute dresses were basically worthless. She whines a lot as the fabric of the dress gets caught under her knees and prevents her from crawling easily.
All this to say, I’m quite bummed about having to go back to the store and buy her a new wardrobe. Sure I’ll buy cheapy cheap stuff and not too much of it, but still.

Changing gears, this little Ember baby of mine is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She is the light in my life. She makes my worst moods vanish with her sweet smile and pretty brown eyes. The way her nose crinkles up so much when she smiles. The smile that makes her cheeks so puffy. The smile that involves her opening her tiny mouth as wide as it goes and having that cute little tongue poke out a bit.

She is such a joy. 10 months of absolute joy with this girl. I am so lucky! There has not been one minute of one day of the past 10 months that I haven’t wanted to scoop her up and hold her close. I love every single second of being this little girl’s mother.

Sure she’s my worst sleeper. She even has her extremely-colicky-as-a-newborn big brother beat! But just as he was worth every second of suffering, she is worth every second of lost sleep. And oh boy are there a whole lotta missed seconds of sleep this year!!

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