Ember Silly

The nickname Ember is called the most is Ember Silly. Shortened to Silly, naturally. And pronounced Seely. And drawn out, “Ember Seeeeeeely.” And in an odd voice.
Allan created this nickname. We all love it and use it. lol
Ember Seely had a terrible time sleeping last week. She was restless and agitated and I was a tired, tired woman.
And she chewed on her fingers a lot. And she bit down on her toys more than usual.

Now these are pretty obvious teething signs so I hoped maybe all this fussiness was for a reason.

And yep, Saturday her very first tooth popped through! Her bottom left one.

I told Allan that even the fourth time is just as exciting as the first! It’s so fun to feel her little gums with that tiny tooth poking through! And she is constantly feeling it with her tongue and constantly has her two fingers in her mouth. I’m hoping she doesn’t start biting me. I’m hopeful that since she’s not a biter now that she won’t suddenly become one so my boobies will be safe. lol

(She doesn’t sleep in that crib. She gets pretty upset if I lay her in it even if she was fast asleep. She does, however, love to play it it!)

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