Movie Theater Chaos, Stinging Creature, Sweaty Errands

I had just finished the utter chaos of lunchtime in our house. The kids scampered off to play while I hurried about the kitchen putting leftovers away. But it turns out I wasn’t the only one hurrying about my kitchen.

As I carried a bag of carrots towards the fridge I found myself jumping back and uttering a squeaky scream almost before I even knew it was a scorpion I was seeing dashing across my path towards my fridge.

Without thinking I’d grabbed a water bottle off my counter and swiped the scorpion away from the fridge. My eyes darted across the nearby counters for something heavy to kill it with. Darn my earlier cleaning spree!! Why is my counter clean the one day I need it messy with helpful crap to use as objects of death?!

I have my empty water bottle poised in the air. Then I make my decision. “Brooklyn, watch this scorpion and tell me if it moves at all!” And I’m sprinting to the cupboard for a glass jar. Scorpions can’t climb glass and as much as I loathe scorpions my stomach is too weak to hear the sharp crunch of one being killed by something in my own hand. So trapping it must be!

I come back with the jar. The scorpion is on the floor, pressed into the corner of the cupboards. Two inches from my fridge, and its certain escape.
I use a butter knife, so so slowly moving towards the scorpion to try to move him to a more open place to plop the jar over him. My hands are shaking terribly. My heart is pounding in my throat!

And I almost wince as the knife touches his creepy body and… he dashes. Before I can react he’s under the fridge and I feel my entire body tensing and the full on phobic reaction quivering under the surface of my skin. Utter panic is threatening to explode in my body. My trembling hands pull my phone from my pocket and I dial Allan at work and I can barely think of what to say. I know he’ll be upset (for my sake) that I let it get under the fridge, I know a scorpion free in the house will stress him out (he knows my fear), and I know there is really nothing he can do to help besides hopefully calm my nerves.

He tells me exactly what I was planning to do… get the glue traps, surround the sides of the fridge with them after spraying a generous dose of raid (oh my gosh, another fear of mine, deadly nasty chemicals, but scorpions… they’re a much worse fear!) and hope and pray he dies or gets caught!

But I know, I know that even after having done that, and putting shoes on all my kids (and myself, of course) he will get away. I just hope, so hope, that he doesn’t go into my living room or family room or… I can barely type it.. my bedroom. Where my baby, my little helpless baby, sleeps. Ack, it’s terrible. It’s enough to make me want to move.

Woah, sorry, my phobias tend to make me a little crazy! I have got to get over it. I’ll call pest control and ask them to come out again and yes I know pest control is a terrible, terrible thing… just terrible for our earth but you know what I think is worse?


So while we live here, which I dearly hope isn’t for longer than a few more years, it has got to be done.

My whole body just did a giant shiver, like it’s purging that horrible experience after typing it out! haha

Picture below: My shoes, next to a glue trap and my fridge- aka concealer of evil.

The kids were wearing shoes, too. I couldn’t get Payson to keep any on. He doesn’t even own closed toe shoes that fit so he was in Sierra’s.

This morning we went to another summer movie. It was one Brooklyn’s wanted to see since it first came out. How to Train Your Dragon.
I’ve been at least 15 minutes early to each movie so far this summer. We’ve had lots of time to find great seats, get snacks, use the bathroom…
Well today I got up with Ember at 6:45am and just dawdled all morning. I even got online! Why?? I don’t know, just being stupid.
I even french braided the girls’ hair!
Point is, by my own fault, we were late. I hate being late because finding four seats together is pretty much impossible.
So I get to the movie theater at 9:45, the exact time the movie starts. I open the car door to unbuckle Payson and immediately notice he’s not wearing shoes.
I grab the stroller from the back of the car and he climbs in.

And a few seconds later when I pull Ember out of her carseat I smell that she has a poopy diaper.
So we hurry inside and I pick the shortest line to get popcorn. Which, my luck, takes much much longer than the other nearby two lines!

So then we make our way to the bathroom to change Ember. She looks around in terror the entire time I’m changing her majorly full (hadn’t pooped in three days prior) diaper and cries and cries and cries.

We finally are on our way to our seats. Except like I mentioned before, if you’re late (or heck right on time) there are rarely more than two seats together. We found four seats together. Right in the very front row.
But the kids don’t mind 🙂
The kids are good during the movie. Ember refuses to sleep and wants to grab the pop and popcorn and my hair and basically everything and her very favorite is standing on my lap and squealing happily. Cute but not great movie theater behavior 😉 But she’s still just easy going enough to be distracted for the length of a movie.

I got ready to take the usual group picture before leaving.

We then did our weekly Costco trip. Nothing special there.

It was super cute how Payson shared his berry smoothie with Ember.

We got home and I opened the new pencil sharpener I bought without giving it much thought. Brooklyn came over and started asking me questions and when I put the pencil in and it got sharpened she was amazed! lol
She’s never seen a pencil sharpener (we use mechanical pencils) and found it so cool!
I let her and Sierra sharpen their new pencils.

And they were so excited they went and wrote a bunch of notes and birthday party invitations. (Brooklyn’s obsessed with making to buy/to do lists for birthday parties and also invitations)

Then we had fun during lunch. I can’t remember what we were talking about. I remember they thought it was silly that I had a Cars bandaid on my finger. (I cut myself while washing a knife)

The girls started singing a song about frog hands while playing with their olives.

And Payson said he had cricket hands and made up a song about that.

And that’s about it!

Well, except for these two pictures of Ember nursing the other day.

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  • I guess you can look at the bright side of that situation and be glad you were actually in the kitchen at the time and saw the scorpion, versus it living discreetly in your house for however long and possibly stinging someone? (and hopefully you KILLED it too?!) Yikes that would scare me living there on a regular basis! Pest control I would think is a must with living in the desert? How did you kids like that movie? We have the DVD and my kids don't like it all that much, kinda surprising too since my youngest loves dragons and knights, etc.

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