Totally Crazy

If I’m not driving to one place or another for lessons and classes I’m home cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and teaching lessons. It’s a bit nuts right now. No, it’s a lot nuts right now! But it’s all good. I’m exhausted from late nights (Dear Ember, Please sleep. Love, Mom) but having fun and marveling at what a tight ship I’m running these days! lol
Gotta run!

PS- Payson was making that face to be funny. Love that kid!

One thought on “Totally Crazy

  • What a great family picture! 🙂 I laughed out loud when I read the “Dear Ember” letter! 😉 I feel that way about our dog right now! LOL! I'm staying up way too late editing and then he's barking and howling in his crate all night. He is ALWAYS up barking by 5 am no matter what and if I don't get up…then I'm cleaning up poop out of his crate. I must say that getting no sleep and cleaning up after human babies is MUCH easier than animals! lol. I love him and all, but he's a DOG and I want sleep! lol! 😉 Anyway, not sure how this turned into a comment about me! lol! I'm exhausted just thinking about all the things and activities yall do! Your kids are blessed to have a mom so devoted to them and making life fun! 🙂 Can my kids come spend a week at your house!? lol! 😉

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