When Poop Made me Skip Church

If the dirt and cactus, scorpions and coyotes weren’t enough, June will remind, with its glaring sun, that we are living in the middle of a desert.

I could feel my body warming the moment I stepped out of the car.
My hands were unbuckling Payson while I watched Allan across the way unbuckling Ember. The boy in his white shirt and khaki pants hopped out of the car with elephant tucked under his arm.
I heard Allan say, “Is this poop?”
My heart rate increased a little bit as I asked, “Did it get on anything?”
And the relief at his answer of “no” was huge. I felt a sigh of relief leave my mouth as she was handed over to me.

But the relief lasted merely a second or two; as I lifted her dress and saw yellow everywhere.

Cleanup was a bit of an ordeal there in the parking lot using the front seat of the car as a changing table. Allan got poop on his white church shirt and me on my cream skirt. Happily it all came off with a baby wipe.
Allan baby talked to Ember and gave her toys, keeping her content and still while I got everything clean.

And a minute later, standing in the parking lot in dresses and slacks and crisp white shirts, with a half naked baby, Allan and I looked at each other waiting for the other to make the decision. The decision for me to go home.
Diapered only babies in church didn’t feel right. If nothing else but for our own embarrassment of the appearance.

I felt very sad on the drive home. All that effort for nothing. Getting up early, before the kids were awake, to prepare baths and clothes and food. Feeling sleepy and uncomfortable in my dress I wondered why I even bothered to try.

But the thought was pushed away by the words Allan spoke to me as he hugged me goodbye there in the parking lot minutes before.
Too personal to share completely here, they were words of appreciation ♥

I got home and any feelings of regret vanished as Payson held the door open for me to walk through and I lifted a sleeping, diapered girl from her bright pink carseat.

We sat together on the couch and read Curious George. Ember happily smacking at the pages and Payson pushing her off my lap and telling her, “Noooo Embow, stop it!”

My reminding him no pushing, she doesn’t know resulted in him patting her head gently. I scooted her over, finished the book and then… the cuddles and smiles came.

And there on the couch at home in my Sunday best I felt God near me.

I wanted to thank you all so much for your comments. They really lift my spirit whether my mood is bad or already good. I want so much to return the comments but I’ve not been able to figure out what’s wrong with blogger on my computer. The comments section won’t even show up for me right now. I wouldn’t even be able to read my comments if it weren’t for the fact that they are emailed to me. I’m grateful for that!

So, I’ll just thank you here. Sorry I can’t respond to each of you more personally… maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to fiddle around with my internet options. See if deleting cookies and stuff like that helps it. For now, I’m minutes away from Allan and the girls returning for church and the rush of lunch. Mealtimes are always chaotic, aren’t they?
Have an awesome, awesome Sunday!

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  • My comp has not been letting me make comments either. That is why I have not commented lately. For some reason our mini laptop is letting me right now though. Your last post really touched me. It was all so familiar to me and really reached my heart. SOrry you missed church but what a great way to look at everything.:) You truly are blessed!

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