Mommy’s Makeup

I didn’t like today. I don’t want to complain so I’ll just leave it at: I’m very sick, the kids are very needy.

Today I was blow drying Brooklyn’s hair after her bath and Sierra decided to help herself to my makeup.

I was laughing so hard because she really did a number on her face. I should have taken a picture of the end result. She looks like she was in a fight. She put brown eyeshadow all over her eyes and she put on enough blush and lipstick to look like a clown. It was probably my favorite part of the day watching her put all that makeup on.

Brooklyn has an “It’s Great to be Eight” tea party at the church tonight. It’s for all the girls turning eight this year and getting baptised. We waited outside for Allan to pick her up after work. I desperately wanted to go and watch her at the tea party but I sneeze about fifty times every half hour (no joke) and can you imagine, me and the three sick little kids hanging around church sneezing and coughing on everyone with our snotty faces and red eyes and noses. What a sight that would be!

So I had to do the typical “mom thing” and miss out on something I really wanted to be a part of 🙁
And this baby on my lap is freaking out cranky so I’m going to go attempt to get her to bed.

One thought on “Mommy’s Makeup

  • I hope the yuckies leave your house VERY soon!!! It's so not fair when they keep you from doing things important with your kids!!! I had to miss Erica's 5th birthday party this past year because of the stomach bug! Bleh!! I love how our kids' have so many of the same clothes. Leah has that little outfit that Ember is wearing in that last pic. I heart Target!

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