Sick Baby Sleepy Mama

Ember got a really bad cold this weekend. It started Saturday with a low grade fever and her being extremely cranky. She wanted to be held all day long.
Allan was on a camping trip with his dad and taking care of all the kids was hard.

Anyway, last night her fever started to creep up. Right before I went to bed at 10pm I took her temperature and it was 102.9. I was worried because I always worry a LOT when my kids have fevers. I typically try to let the fever run its course. But since we cosleep and she got really hot sleeping cuddled next to me I gave her a half dose of motrin just to lower her fever a bit.

She was really cranky all night. She threw up around 2:30am and I did a stupid thing and googled and after reading about how my baby would probably die (google is a mean, mean search engine) I ended up pacing the floor with her for quite a while wondering if I should go to urgent care in the morning.

She’s feeling better today. And that’s relative to last night because she’s still very sick.

Her fever has stayed between 100 and 101 all day so I’m relieved about that. She didn’t throw up after that random time at 2:30 so I’m hoping she’ll continue to get better.

I hate when my kids are sick 🙁

She’s taking a nap in her swing right now. She’s been sleeping for three hours!!! That’s the longest she’s slept in a row for a few days! I have been trying to nap when she naps today because I’m exhausted but this nap I decided to spend some quality time with Payson and the girls. Now with this long nap I’m sadly wishing I’d slept, too. I’m so tired!

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