Mom is taken down next!

I shouldn’t be surprised by how fast I’ve gone from “ok” to “feel like crap.” Late Saturday morning I was thinking, “Oh darn Ember is getting Brooklyn’s cold.” By late Saturday afternoon I thinking, “My gosh should I take her to urgent care?”

Yesterday my head started hurting and my glands felt swollen and my throat was feeling like it was thinking about starting to hurt. Today I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. Right now at 2pm my throat hurts a lot, I’m sneezing like crazy, and basically my entire face and head feels like it was stuffed full of massive amounts of cotton balls. Cotton balls coated with microscopic razors.

I’m pretty moody at being sick. There is no rest for the mom and after taking care of a sick (still sick) Brooklyn and a sick Ember all week I’m so worn out.

And even worse, Payson is getting it. And I’m pretty sure it’s starting for Sierra too, she’s just not the type to ever complain about being sick.

I am trying to focus on the positive- Ember doesn’t have a fever, never lost her appetite, is in a much better mood today, and is currently taking her second nap of the day.

Yesterday I was napping with Ember during Payson’s usual naptime. So I didn’t put him to bed for his nap. Around 5pm he was pretty tired.

I hadn’t heard him for a while so went looking to see what he was up to. I melted when I spotted him sprawled out on the floor. Elephant leaning on his face. I just know he had been rubbing elephant’s trunk on his nose as he fell asleep ♥

I read Payson Green Eggs and Ham. He loves it.
Later I had Sierra read it. She read the entire book! Allan and I were really proud 🙂

And today… oh miserable day.
Though hey, ignore me saying that universe! I’m perfectly fine with today because I know that tomorrow, when this cold is sure to peak, will really suck.
Yes, I’m just fine with being this sick, I don’t want to be sicker!

And how can one be unhappy, sick or not, when one is reading such a great book as is Jane Austen’s Persuasion? I loved Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and I dare say I’m loving Persuasion even more! Maybe not, maybe just as much. Because I could live in Pride and Prejudice and be a happy woman.
But no matter the comparison, it’s awesome and I’m happily reading a page or two (or a chapter!) whenever I can steal a few minutes to sit down with this giant book.
The book is so massive because it is the collection of all of Jane Austen’s novels.

7 thoughts on “Mom is taken down next!

  • Hope you fight off the cold soon.Start drinking lots of tea now and maybe you can stop it before it gets too bad. So glad Ember is feeling better. 🙂

  • Hope y'all get better soon!

    I am inspired by this post. I think reading Jane Austen sounds theraputic. I just may do that. Is there one book that you reccomend starting with?

  • Yeah, I can post! That book sounds like a good one to start reading. I'll have to check that one out the next time we are at the library.

    Have you ever read any of the amish books? I'm hooked on the series (all of them!) by Beverly Lewis. They are different, but I really like them.

  • Sarah, I've never heard of the amish books… I'll check if my library has them. Thanks for the recommendation; I love hearing about amish stuff, I find the lifestyle fascinating 🙂

  • Aw, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you get well really quick. I'm glad you are catching up on some reading, though. I've mostly been reading essays and books on food, but now you've got me wanting to re-read Pride and Prejudice. 🙂

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