All About the Boy

He is flourishing having his very own school time every day.

He still couldn’t care less about the circle time activities at the white board but he loves the crafts, games, activities and songs.

He was begging to paint this day and coincidentally it was the first day there was a painting activity scheduled. Nice how that worked out. And he wanted to paint with green because green is his favorite color and we were painting with green.

He loves the things he makes. He plays with them all throughout the day.

Ember during craft time? Having a snack.

I set up the helper chart yesterday. The kids were always arguing over who got to do the weather stick or the calendar day. Now there is no arguing.

I leave the activities we get at this kid table so they can play with them whenever they want.
Random things I want to remember about my toddler boy:

Payson was drawing a boy yesterday afternoon. He’d given him a head and facial features and then, talking for the boy he’d drawn, said “Can I have a hand to say hi?”
Payson responded, “Of course!” and drew a hand. Then he had the boy say, “Can I have another hand?”

He was painting his frog and he asked me, “I dwaw pokee dots on it?” I said of course you can. He said, “I dwaw gween pokee dots on it.”

He was playing with these addition flashcards we have. He put them into a long curved line. He ran over to me excitedly and said, “Mommy I made a rainbow with those cards!”

He was gluing one of his crafts. He was doing a really good job so I told him, “You’re doing such a great job, baby!”
He said, “I not baby. I Payson. I a boy.”He doesn’t like me to label him anything but Payson.

Another example:
Me: “You’re so cute. You’re my little baby boy.”
Payson: “I not a baby.”
Me: “Oh I know, you’re a toddler.”
Payson: “I not a toddler. I Payson.”
Me: “You’re a little boy?”
Payson: “No.”
Me: “Are you a big boy?”
Payson: “No, I Payson.”

Or sometimes he’ll say, “No, I Pace-a-pace!” (a nickname of his)

Or if he’s being good I’ll tell him he’s being a good boy and he’ll say, “No, I not good boy, I Payson.”
It’s funny. He’s very consistent with it. He just wants to be Payson. I like that 🙂

The other day he bumped his head on the counter or table or something. After I gave him a hug he ran for his elephant. He rubbed his elephant’s nose on his head and told me, “Elephant rubbed mine owie away!” then he held his elephant facing him and told elephant, “Thanks! High five!” and gave elephant a high five.

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