Payson’s Preschool at Home

Because you asked about what we’re doing for preschool, I took pictures of a typical day 🙂
I spent a couple hours a couple weeks ago researching boxed preschool curriculum companies. I found two that looked really fun. I bought both! Not to use at the same time, of course. We’ll use one this month and try out the other next month.

Though after just one day of using the first, Mother Goose Time, I’m pretty sure we’ve found the winner for our family!

Mother Goose Time comes with everything you need to have preschool at your house. It arrives in a fun yellow school bus box (my kids LOVE that!) It comes with adorable posters and charts to hang up in your room. It comes with a lesson plan book and a ton of crafts and activities.
The materials I need for each day of the month are seperated in bags so all I have to do is grab a bag and head over to the whiteboards where I’ve set up our preschool display center 🙂

After some fun circle time songs (included in the package) and doing our calendar, weather, shape, and color of the day, we started on our little craft. It was making a turtle pull toy. The kit came with a paper cutout of a turtle shape, a bowl to glue on top as the turtle shell, googly eyes, string to tape to the turtle’s head to pull it along, and instructions of course.
All I needed was glue, green construction paper (to decorate the turtle’s shell), and tape to tape on the string.
When you buy Mother Goose Time you choose how many children you’re buying for. I bought for four. Three so that Brooklyn and Sierra could join Payson and an extra so I could show them how to do the crafts.

Little Ember occupied herself during craft time by munching on some tape.

Payson’s turtle was finished first (because he had my help and wasn’t worried about it looking perfect like the girls were) and squealed with delight while pulling it around.

When the box of preschool stuff came in the mail I made a big deal about it being Payson’s preschool. He got to come over and open the box and everything I pulled out I labelled as his.
“Oh look, Payson’s shape poster! Payson’s calendar! Payson’s map! Payson’s weather chart!”
He has always felt left out of the girls’ school (though I do really good at including him, he knows the activities we’ve done were originally for the girls) so to have this be for him with the girls joining in made him super happy.

The girls finished their turtles and pulled them around the house with Payson for a while (video clip at bottom of post) and then wrote their names on pond themed name tags that came in the kit.

So, I have to add right here, because this next picture so clearly illustrates it, that school time, despite it’s fun moments, has a lot of trauma with it every single day. Or at least almost every single day. There’s at least one moment where someone breaks down and cries or screams over something. It’s never the same thing but it’s always something.

During our turtle day the kids made those turtle pull toys like I just talked about, well when all the turtles were done Payson noticed that the girls’ turtles looked nicer than his turtle because they’d use tape to attach the string and I’d used a staple on his. The staple was where the turtle’s mouth would be and originally Payson liked that because he called it his turtle’s mouth.

But then he saw the girls’ cute little red smiling mouths they’d drawn on and went crazy. He started screaming that Brooklyn’s turtle was his turtle. He was pretty ridiculous about it.

I felt annoyed that he was screaming so hysterically but bit down my frustration and talked to him. He calmed down and I used the turtle body from the extra supplies to make his turtle a smiley faced turtle and attached the string with tape. Brooklyn glued on extra green squares to make his turtle’s shell look nicer and Payson was beyond happy.

So it all worked out and I made the right decision to be kind instead of going with my initial urge to walk him to his room and let him scream in there for a while.
PhotobucketHe was saying, “I don’t like turtles. Turtles mean!”

We came back to the whiteboards with the turtles to finish up for the day.

The preschool thing has mostly been for Sierra, as it turns out. Payson doesn’t really care about the calendar or weather. He knows his colors, shapes, letters and numbers so he gets really bored hearing about them. All he wants to do is pull all the posters and charts off the whiteboards. Or color all over it all with draw erase markers. Or take the weather sticks (images of types of weather glued to craft sticks) and play with them.

But Sierra is thrilled to pieces over everything. She sits there listening intently and beaming with happiness over all the fun stuff. She loves making the crafts and that she knows the answers to most of the questions.

And surprisingly, Ember loves our preschool time as much as any of the other kids! She sits with the group and looks happily at the colorful pictures and looks from face to face while we’re talking. She gets really excited when there’s music involved. We had just turned on the turtle song and you can see her dancing in the picture below!

She bounces up and down and waves her arms up and down and giggles. It was so hard for me to give the other kids as much attention during dancing time because she was so darn adorable!! You’ll see in the video clip at the end of the post, I was a bit overwhelmed by her cuteness. haha

So yeah, there’s everything you never wanted to know about our family’s preschool time! In the future I won’t post many pictures about it. Unless you want me to, of course.

All the music in the video below is from Mother Goose Time. We take the CDs with us in the car, my kids love them that much.

I paid about $54 for a month’s worth of curriculum. I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a preschool curriculum but it’s been a great place to jump off for Sierra’s kindergarten. I take the theme of the month (this month is Meet Me at the Pond) and go deeper into learning about it with a few library books and activities I find online.

For example yesterday was learning about turtles, there are hundreds of fun ways to learn all about turtles. The girls and I had a blast learning more about them online. We looked up turtles in all the science/nature books we have and pretty much talked turtles all day.

So much fun!

5 thoughts on “Payson’s Preschool at Home

  • I love when you do school posts!! Thanks for the link to the site too! I will definitely check that out! I haven't ever done preschool curriculum with the kids…other than workbooks from Target or whatever. This looks great!! 🙂 I LOVE that you posted about the melt down in the middle too! That makes me feel SO MUCH better about the daily chaos that is my house! 😉 It is so funny the silly things that send them over the edge! I LOVED the music and seeing the kids dance! so cute!! 🙂 Ember is such a butterball! I LOVE THAT! She looks so cuddly and adorable! She seems like such a happy baby! I'm going to look into this Mother Goose stuff! 😉 I actually haven't gotten “official” curriculum for Maggie's Kindergarten yet…she's still just doing preschool workbooks and activities. I haven't decided if I'm using Lifepacs again, but since I still have all the teaching guides I will probably do that for her Kinder at least. We'll see I guess!!

  • OH…I forgot to ask….do you do preschool time in the morning and then Brooklyn and Sierra's stuff later…or do you only do preschool certain days of the week? Is it every day and you let the older kids join him and then do their own work later?

  • Yeah preschool in the morning. Payson's in a much better mood when his needs have been met first.
    We do preschool every day, I didn't used to but with each day all packaged in a nice little bag ready to go it's easier than ever.

    Our day's basic schedule is:
    -2nd grade/maybe kindergarten
    -storytime (I read them books)
    -naptime/quiet time/outside time
    -chores, then games or errands

  • I enjoy the pics you post of school time! Thank you for taking the time to take the photos and post them and also thanks for the info on the preschool curriculum. There is so many options out there for homeschool materials, still trying to decide on the right Kindergarten one for us. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for posting!!! BTW, I think I did talk Eric into doing the BJU distance learning for Natalie for 3rd grade next year. We are finishing up our LIFEPACS for this year, then will order that. Erica will be doing K next year and since I already bought LIFEPACS for that, I think we'll stick with it (hey Mindy, if you read this, I just saw you're doing that too… I'm off to check out your blog!). This year I had Erica and Graham in Kid's Day Out at our church which is like one day a week preschool. And I had signed up Graham and Leah for next year, thinking I could take the older girls to do fun stuff on those days. But Eric really doesn't want them to go next year because of the $$. We're spending more on Natalie's curriculum, and are gonna be moving her up to a soccer academy, which is more $$ than her regular league (not by a lot, but still more $$). So I've been really wanting to get a preschool curriculum to start with Graham. The Mother Goose Time looks awesome!!! But still, at $50/month, I don't know if he'll go for it. It's less than half the price to put both kids in KDO though, so I think that sounds like a good compromise!

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