Miss Doesn’t Like to Sleep

I have a million things I want to blog about. Unfortunately I don’t have a million minutes to go along with that want! haha

These pictures were taken yesterday when Ember was waking up. (maybe it was Tuesday, actually) She sleeps with me every night. It’s not the best situation for me getting lots of sleep but it’s what she wants. Plus, those moments where she’s falling asleep curled into my side, they make me forget the middle of the night smacking and pinching and fussing 😉

3 thoughts on “Miss Doesn’t Like to Sleep

  • I have a friend whose little boy slept with her and she ended up getting one of those co-sleeper thingies that hooks onto the side of the bed. It worked really well for everyone involved, from what I've heard. He was still right there within arm's reach and felt comforted, but she had more freedom to roll around in bed and sleep. :c)
    I was kicked out of bed around 2am because two BIG kids were both vying for their 'spot' in between Calvin and I! haha I suppose I'm not one to be giving out co-sleeping advice because I don't mind having them in bed with me either…just thought I'd suggest it ;c)

  • I'm really glad to hear it worked well for her because I was planning on buying one yesterday! I just ran out of time to stop by Babies R Us. I hate spending more money on baby stuff but anything that could help that transition would be nice.

    Though surprisingly Ember slept pretty well last night!

  • Such sweet pictures of Ember sleeping.

    We have been co-sleeping with Junior since the day we came home from the hospital. I figure we will transition when he is ready as of right now there is no rush.

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