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I saw my surgeon for my follow up appointment this morning. My kids were all really good, I got my bandages off, things are healing up perfectly. Good stuff.

Payson is in this phase where he laughs every time he does something I just told him not to. It’s the type of laugh, and accomplaning smile, that says, “I know you told me not to, but it’s so funny!”
The sign on the door to the waiting room says to keep it closed. Naturally when I told Payson this he wanted nothing more in the world than to open that door.

I was wise and brought hard candies to keep the kids mouths busy during my exam. During our little wait for the doctor I played a guessing game with them about what the candies looked like, what color, what shape, what flavor. I also asked them how many they think I brought with me and who I was going to give the first candy to and then who second and third.
Sounds boring but little things like that make outings great. Keeping their minds occupied, no matter with what lame tricks, is the key to behavorial success with this bunch 🙂

We stopped at Sprouts since it’s in the same area of town. I needed coconut oil and diapers. I use cloth about 80% of the time but when on errands and at bedtime I put Ember in disposables.
I like this picture even though it’s blurry.

And I like this one because of how cute Payson is peeping out.

I attempted some pictures to show my haircut but wasn’t very successful.


Sierra was watching me so I had her be in one with me.
I asked my doctor about exercising and he said I could start doing cardio! Yay! I’m ten pounds from my goal weight and hopeful I can lose the last of this weight by June.
Just gotta pay attention to what my body is telling me as far as how much I push it. I know starting off will be mild because I do still get sore when I do too much (which is daily with four kids! ha) so nothing that requires too much use of my core. Probably just long walks pushing the stroller and wearing Ember for now. In two weeks he said I could start trying weight stuff if I want. Again, gotta pay attention to my body and how it’s healing.

As soon as Ember wakes up from her nap we’re all going to go take a walk. I’ve been desperate to get out of the house as much as possible lately.
I went yesterday and signed the kids up for swimming, dance, and gymnastics classes and bought summer movie passes for all of us. I’m so excited for this summer and all the activities! I’ve been bored out of my mind home bound this month!

2 thoughts on “Follow Up

  • I think your hair looks great, as always. I probably never would have noticed the 6″, but like you said…YOU notice it so that's really all that matters. I just can't get over how the bangs completely transformed your “look”! I was bowled over by how much Brooklyn resembles you in that first picture…you guys have the exact same expression on your faces. So funny.
    Lately when I've been seeing pictures of Ember, I've been super confused. I swear she looks more and more like Payson every day. A few posts back I hadn't read the caption above the picture and thought “Hmm…she must have dug out pictures of Payson to compare them to Ember!” haha I was wrong.
    I can totally relate to the “feeling trapped inside” thing. Mine has been going on for months, though, and is related to the weather rather than surgery. ;c) But still…I totally understand your urge to get out and DO something. I feel the exact same way. I've been debating how many activities I want to sign the kids up for this summer because I always think it's fun to not have a schedule. I like to travel to Grandpa and Grandma's when the urge strikes and I like to spend lazy days at the pool…but right now I can wait to get the kids out and moving again. We've all became lazy couch potatoes over the last few months. :c(
    Anyway…with that being said, I'm off to work! Decided to walk today since it's nice. Hopefully it'll be above freezing on the walk home at 6am! haha

  • I love the haircut. I just got bangs again recently, too. They're such a fun way to make a big change. You look gorgeous, as always.

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