I think I’d call this little picture of a boy Payson’s first recognizable drawing.

He’s been really into coloring, drawing, and writing lately. He can write a few letters and he does pretty well with shapes when I’m showing him how. It’s surprising to me how the littlest things like a child’s first recognizable drawing are still so exciting and special even when it’s the third time experiencing this.
Watching him look at his little boy and clearly see that it was a little boy and knowing that he just drew it and the happiness on his face, it was adorable.
He told me he wanted to draw another person. There was limited space on the paper so his circle for the head went a litle long. When he pulled the pencil back to look at it he laughed and said, “No, that’s not a good head.” (You can kinda see the second circle in that last picture)

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