Sleepy Nursing

She’s my vicious little nursing baby. She arches her back and turns to look at her siblings while still biting onto my nipple; she also scratches and pinches. She loves, loves, loves pinching people. She falls asleep ten times faster if she’s rubbing or pinching the skin on my breast. I’ve taken to putting socks on her hands at night to protect myself! I bought some nursing necklaces last week to try to distract her and they’ve been working pretty well!
I’ll blog about them sometime.

Despite her abusive ways, she’s also the sweetest little thing ever and nursing her has been a joy for the last 6 1/2 months. She stares into my eyes and smiles up at me, she plays with my bra and hair and shirt. She coos while still latched on with a little trickle of milk spilling out of the corner of her lips. She does the softest little cry when she’s getting hungry and sitting on my lap and looks carefully at my boobs and the second my hand moves to my shirt she opens her mouth wide and lunges forward. lol
She’s just the cutest thing in the entire world!

3 thoughts on “Sleepy Nursing

  • Oh my that sounds soooo much like Leah. There would be times when I'd be nursing her around others and I'd let out a little yelp and they'd all ask if she bit me. NOPE, she either scratched or pinched me REALLY HARD. It's amazing the power those tiny little fingers have! I also tried the nursing necklaces, but they were not successful for me. I had to start positioning her so that I could hold her arms down. Then she finally got big enough where I couldn't even do that, but she seemed to pretty much outgrow the need to scratch/pinch me. I never thought about putting socks on her hands, that's brilliant! And milky nursing smiles are the absolute best!!!

  • How so very sweet!!!

    And I have to comment on her hair – it looks like she has a bunch all of a sudden! Or am I just noticing?!? Big girl!!!

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