Walking for Pain

I was under the impression that there wouldn’t be much pain during recovery. I guess everyone recovers differently because I’m in a lot of pain.
I try to walk as much as possible to get the CO2 gas out. Half my pain is from gas pressure in my shoulders and chest.
We all walked down to the mailboxes today. Bundled up because we got a really cold front here. I had my pillow… it helps my stomach not hurt as bad while I walk.

I’m still so grateful that it’s the weekend and Allan is home to help me 🙂
I miss Allan’s mom. Having her around made our home feel so peaceful.

5 thoughts on “Walking for Pain

  • Sorry to hear you are in so much pain 🙁 Hoping you are feeling a lot better soon!

    I have a friend who had this surgery and she compared it to her csection recovery. Which is all I can relate to with you, gas pains are the worse!!! I hope your DH is able to stay home and help you out this week – don't over do it!!!

  • Was the gas pain from the gallbladder removal or from the removal of the appendix, or both? That must of been tough, glad you're feeling better now though. 🙂

  • The gas pain was from the CO2 they pumped my body full of before surgery. It went away after a week and a half, thankfully.

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