The Next Day

It’s been 25 hours since my surgery. This picture was taken a couple hours ago.
I don’t know if anyone wants to know about the day of surgery. I imagine that’d be boring to read about.

I’ve been in a lot of pain. More than I thought I’d be in. The CO2 gas pain is the most painful right now. The place where my gallbladder used to be hurts, too. The place where my appendix was doesn’t hurt at all and neither do my incisions. Which is good because Ember is a really violent nurser and likes to punch and kick me while eating!

Allan and I took a little walk out into the desert since walking is supposed to help get the CO2 out of my body faster. I did feel a little better after that. Though that could’ve been the percocet kicking in 😉

I’ve been taking half doses of pain medication. I didn’t take any pain pills all through the night and this morning I was really, really hurting.

Speaking of pain pills. I asked three doctors about nursing Ember after surgery and got three completely different answers. One said nursing right away was ok, one said pump and dump for four hours, one said wait two days!! Can you believe that? I waited four hours. Ember has been acting the exact same as always, not even slightly sleepy so I’m pretty sure anything that might have passed through my milk was in miniscule amounts.

Two days no nursing. Yeah right.
Oh yeah, Ember utterly refused bottles and baby food while I was in surgery. She held out for 6 hours to nurse. haha!
Luckily she was in a good mood the whole time and slept through my surgery. Allan wore her in the backpack at the hospital.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m so grateful for Allan and his mom. They’ve taken care of the kids, the food, the cleaning and me 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Next Day

  • It sounds like you are recovering well. The only surgery I ever had was having my tubes tied. It was done as outpatient and I was sore for a day and then it was over. Easy as could be. I think we always torture ourselves with thinking that surgery or medical stuff is going to be way worse than it actually turns out to be. I had to laugh that Ember held out so long to eat. My kids would have been willing to eat a sofa if they had gone that long at that age. LOL. Ember sure does have some willpower. I hope you feel 100% soon. Anytime the doc gives me pain pills for something I take them at night. Kids are down and I can get some relief and rest. I know they knock me out so if they do that to you just try taking one at night for some relief. You should still be alert enough to nurse Ember if she wakes up. 🙂

  • So glad everything seemed to have gone well, and that you have help!

    Ember really does have willpower to go that long, the peanut knows what she wants! Hope you are back to your self soon!

  • Oh, I'm so glad that you're healing up. Sorry that you had to have so many holes put in you and so many things taken out. That CO2 stuff is really no fun at all. I'm glad that your doctors at least told you what to do about it to help it out. Keep taking it as easy as you can. It helps. That and eating healthy tasty foods.

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