Mommy, You Read This to Me?

Heard a hundred times every day. I could be cooking dinner, I could be going pee, I could be changing Ember’s diaper, I could be eating my breakfast.

“Mommy, you read this to me?” or “Mommy, read this book, please?”

His favorite book this week is Ten Red Apples. It is a lot of fun for me to see Payson’s favorite change all the time. I love watching him go through the book bin picking out books to read and the way he listens to the stories and stares at the pictures and then throughout the rest of the day he’ll bring me one particular book over and over again. And it naturally changes about every week. It’s so cute that he does that!

I don’t know how I’d do anything right now without babywearing. 95% of my accomplishments are accomplished because Ember is in a wrap, sling, or carrier of some sort.

The kids pressed the shutter on my camera for some group shots. They all turned out like this:
Ember was asleep in all those photos. She took a nice hour evening nap while we played outside and while I cooked dinner.

3 thoughts on “Mommy, You Read This to Me?

  • Looking at the photo of you with the 3 girls makes me
    A) So jealous of your green grass and springy clothes!
    B) Kinda' start hoping for a girl…I'm about 52% team girl, 48% team boy ;c)
    C) Hope for a miracle after I have this baby. I KNOW this will be my last, and I want desperately to lose the baby weight I've been carrying around for 8 years. You look amazing.
    Good luck (again) with the upcoming surgery. :c)

  • Good luck with your surgery, Ariana. If we lived close, I'd offer to help you out. I know you will need some. A friend of mine just had that surgery and she needed some meals and help with kids for a couple days. Make sure to let your ward know!

  • Know that you are soooo lucky that Ember enjoys being worn. Erica and Graham both lived in a carrier of some sort, but I never found one that Leah loved. She tolerated one sometimes, but it was so hard when she just wanted to be held, but knew the difference between my arm and a baby carrier! lol

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