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::A journalish description of our trip to the dentist followed by cute pictures of Ember::

Yesterday all three kids had their scheduled cleaning appointment at the denstist. I was dreading it as the day before I’d been so beat down emotionally I didn’t know how to go on.

Tuesday morning was spent getting ready to go. Feeding the children, dressing the children, doing hair, brushing teeth, nursing baby.
It was busy but not stressful at all for some reason. Normally getting ready to go peaks my stress levels.

We got out into the car on time and arrived at the dentist’s office looking nice and smelling nice and having remembered everything.

I asked Brooklyn to hold Ember for me for a couple seconds while I wrapped the wrap around my shoulders. Ember, in a new and seemingly scary place, watched me with big eyes and an expressoin that very clearly told me, “How could you abandon me? Take me from this girl! Please pick me up!!”
I got the wrap on my shoulders in about ten seconds and as I was leaning to pick Ember up Brooklyn said she smelled bad. So, time to change the baby.
They have a nice changing table in the bathroom at the dentist’s office. I laid Ember down and she started crying her loudest, most sad cry. She has only done that maybe one other time in her life that I remember. She usually just quietly fusses; she’s not a big cryer.
I knew she was feeling terrified and desperately needed mommy snuggles in this new, strange place. I talked to her gently while I speed changed her diaper.
I picked her up and put her right into the wrap and as I was tightening it up she was looking into my face with an expression of pure joy coupled with a sweet, secure smile. Oh gosh my heart just skips a beat hourly with my little girl and her precious, tender ways.

I left the bathroom and Brooklyn told me they’d just called us back. All five of us headed towards the back. This office is a movie themed place with children’s movie posters on the wall surrounded by lights. They have TVs everywhere (Payson and I counted 9 in the cleaning area) along with video games, toys, and lots of other games and cool chairs and stuff!

The staff is the nicest I’ve ever met. They talk to the kids on their level and make them feel relaxed and heard.

Brooklyn lit up when the first thing the dental hygenist said was, “Oh my goodness you’ve had some big changes since you were here last.” Brooklyn broke out into a huge, but slightly shy, sweet smile as she knew the hygenist meant her lost teeth πŸ™‚

Sierra’s turn was next and in very typical Sierra fashion, she was a total zombie through the cleaning and checkup! They have TVs mounted from the ceiling with movies playing and any time there is a movie or TV show on Sierra is gone. There is no getting her attention unless you break the view of the screen. lol

But she did good and did try to pay attention. It was just cracking me up how into the movie she was.

Payson went last and made me beam with pride. He was talking to the dental hygenist and smiling the whole time. He answered all of her questions and looked so adorable. I was amazed at how when he’s “on” he’s on. He is the cutest, most clever, sociable, happy, smart little kid when he’s in the mood to be.

Ember was in the wrap the whole time. She looked around a lot but also kept looking up at me and smiling that same, thank-you smile and then immediately nuzzled her face into my chest and just stayed there snuggling while I patted her back.

I am always nervous about dentist visits because Sierra’s teeth are so bad. Because of a lengthy fight with viruses when her teeth were being formed (or coming in or something) her molars are extremely soft and weak. We brush all of our kids’ teeth very well every day and yet poor Sierra’s are so fragile.

The dentist has told me he’s pretty sure they’ll end up capped at some point but today at her checkup all her teeth were perfect! I mean, the molars are still extremely soft and vulnerable, but no cavities and still hanging in there. He said he was happy with how they are at this appointment. Sierra has sealant on all her molars in hopes that it slows down the wear and tear. Her teeth are such high maintenance she doesn’t get morning and night brushing, she gets after every meal and snack brushing!

Brooklyn and Payson have amazingly great teeth. Payson has a gap in his bite due to binky use. The dentist said that he usually says around three years old to wean off binkies, bottles and thumb sucking. At that age the body can still naturally fix the bite. Sierra had a severe gap in her bite at Payson’s age (from thumb sucking) and her bite is perfect now, so I have confidence his teeth will look fine in the end.

But… weaning my cranky boy off his binkies. Um, scary.

We went to Costco after the dentist since both are a long drive from my house (we live way out of town) and I needed eggs and some vegetables. Costco is the best for organic though they’ve raised their prices quite a bit this year! At least at my Costco they did.

I saw this little baby book while there and got it for Ember. When I handed it to her while she was sitting in the cart she smiled so sweetly and kept giggling at me while she chewed it.

She loves chewing books. She learned how to roll from her stomach to her back this weekend and now rolls all over the place. It’s crazy how fast she does it! She’ll roll over to paper and books, her favorite snacks πŸ˜›
I am constantly scrambling to pick up stuff the older kids have left behind so that she’s not getting ahold of anything that she can actually swallow!

Watching her with toys and baby books is a lot of fun. She’s so passionate about playing. She gets such a determined look on her face when she goes to munch on her stuffed bunny or shake a rattle or lunge for a book, like that action is the most important thing in the world and she must get it done and get it done right.

She’s loved her toes for quite a while, I just haven’t gotten a picture of it until now. She sucks and chews on them sometimes. Mostly she just likes to hold onto them while she kicks her legs all around.

I wanted to get some pictures with her. I set up my camera with the remote but it’s not working. I dropped the remote yesterday and I suppose it’s broken now πŸ™

So the mirror had to do. I might buy a new remote, I loved it so much. But… that is $20 that wasn’t in the budget for this month so it’ll have to wait.

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  • So glad they like going to the dentist. Since they started out at a young age, they should end up being very comfortable growing up and have very little problems at the dentist.

    Tracey (aka dental assistant, LOL)

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