Book Lover #3

Am I lucky that my kids are all obsessed with books? Are all kids obsessed with books like mine are?

Ever since he was a little tiny baby Payson has loved books. As an infant he would sit on my lap and look at the pictures as I read the story. He wouldn’t grab the pages and try to eat the book or want to quickly flip through. He’d just listen and smile and soak it all in!

That’s not to say he wouldn’t eat the books or rip them up on his own time, haha. He just was really into listening when I was reading.

He’s had favorites all along. Last year he was really into the Pigeon books. Anything by Mo Willems was a hit for him. There Is a Bird on your Head is still an all time favorite. Especially because one of the characters is a beloved elephant.

He’d have me read them over and over and he had them all memorized. I love watching him sit there and read.

The last few months his favorite has been No, David along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
This last week I added the book Where the Wild Things Are to the pile and goodness does he love it! We read it about ten times a day and he now has most of it memorized as well. I love the way he participates in storytime.

While reading Where the Wild Things Are he loves to:
Point out Max’s name on the boat.
Pretend he’s holding a staff and wearing a crown when Max is named King of all wild things.
Point out Max’s tail on his outfit.
Put his hands out and say, “Be Still!”
Tells me, “That not a wild thing, that a chicken! Bock, bock, bock.”
Show his terrible claws.
And he always says the ending before I even turn the page, “and it was still hot.”Photobucket~That’s marker on his face 🙂

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