Brooklyn’s First Skiing Trip!

Allan took Brooklyn skiing on Friday. Originally he was going to let her try snowboarding but we heard skiing is easier for kids so skiing it is!

Since I wasn’t on the trip I don’t have much to say about how the day went! haha
But from what I heard Brooklyn improved a lot. Her favorite part of the day was eating dinner at Denny’s at the end! That’s so Brooklyn… she loves Denny’s!Photobucket

Allan was awesome enough to take a bunch of video that day!

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s First Skiing Trip!

  • Wow, that's so awesome! Go Brooklyn! I've never even attempted skiing before, but it looks like a hard sport to master. She seemed to catch on really quickly. 🙂 You're lucky that Allan took all the video since you didn't get to see her in action.

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