The Sweet Sight of… Failure?

That bottle made one kid very, very happy.
“I love my bobboo, mommy. Thank you for my bobboo, mommy!”
The GAPS diet strictly states no grains.

Do I know what I’m doing? No, not really. I’m completely confused, emotionally worn out, and mostly just wanting my boy fed and healthy. Is it really this difficult to feed a child?

There have been so many hours, days worth of hours, spent researching, thinking, planning… all to be met with failure at every turn when it comes to this boy’s digestive system. We’ve been to 15 doctors. Three of those were specialists. We’ve spent thousands of dollars and had so many tests. I’ve read every article and book I can get my hands on about food, allergies, digestion, etc. It has long, long since passed the point of overwhelming me.

I do think the GAPS diet would heal Payson’s intestines.

I don’t think the GAPS diet is meant to be Payson gorging himself on meat and refusing everything else. I doubt that will heal his intestines. I can see it killing him. haha

He turns his nose up at vegetables he used to love; probably out of stubbornness for having his treasured bottle and rice chex taken away.

But for his entire life he has been deprived of things that everyone around him has. His sense of food security has centered around rice for over a year. They were always Payson’s foods.
A bottle of rice milk and rice chex were big staples to his diet. He’d eat plenty of meat, vegetables and fruit too, for sure. But the fillers… the comforters… that rice milk bottle and those rice chex.

To suddenly take away both was probably the wrong move.

I just want my boy to be healthy; I want his diarrhea gone and his body to get the right nutrients. I also want him to be emotionally healthy.

So I’m doing pretty much the GAPS diet plus brown rice milk. I figure that’s better than just carrying on like we were before, which wasn’t working. But I just can’t take away his bottle yet.

If his diarrhea comes back I’ll slowly transition back to full GAPS. And even if it doesn’t the plan is to get him eating GAPS foods more regularly so that eventually (hopefully by his third birthday this summer) he can do the full GAPS diet in a healthier way.

You know how “they” say having kids help prepare meals will make it more likely that they will try new foods?
So not the case with my kids.
But helping is a lot of fun anyway.

My three little girls.
PhotobucketAnd that’s all there is to this little post. Nothing exciting but I’m trying to update every day again.

5 thoughts on “The Sweet Sight of… Failure?

  • I think you are making a wise decision with Payson. You are listening to your heart and your son and that makes it a great choice. I know it is so frustrating to have a child with food allergies. Macie is allergic to nuts and sometimes my heart breaks for her but she handles it so well. I hope Payson gets better and starts to heal. He is so lucky to have a mama like you who cares so much. πŸ™‚ I think you are a great mom. πŸ™‚

  • What a cute picture!!! Girl, do what's in your heart and best for him. I can only imagine what you are going thru. I have a good friend whose daughter is allergic to EVERYTHING!! She has a very limited diet also. No ice cream, wheat, meat!!, eggs. She is on a gluten free diet. Don't give up, there is a dr out there that has the right answers for you. In time it will all work out.

    Tracey πŸ™‚

  • My daughter had severe gastro issues until she was 5. I wish they were similar to Payson's and I could give you some advice, but her's were quite different. I lost count of how many different doctors we saw, all of them dumbfounded. I will tell you this…right around 5 it was like her body figured out how to work better and it's been a minor problem ever since. So hopefully something similar happens w/P. But OH BOY do I remember the frustration of not knowing!

  • Houston has a lot of the same issues, we have basicially learned from elimination and trail and error what he can eat, I hate he is having to go thru it πŸ™ It has to be hard when other kids are involved πŸ™
    Big hugs!

  • I think you made the right decision…and the fact that you agonized over it just goes to show what a caring and conscientious mom you are. Payson's sweet smiling face says it all! Prayers for you that Payson can keep his bobboo and start to heal!

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