Wake up early, before the kids.

I breastfeed Ember while we’re still in bed. She is so happy and smiley.

I put her in the bumbo.

Start peeling and chopping vegetables for Payson’s breakfast soup.

Payson wakes up.

Change his diaper.

He begs for a bottle, I get him water in a sippy.

He talks to me while I peel and chop. He helps out by picking up fallen vegetables pieces and peels and putting them in the garbage.

The girls get up. They start whining for food immediately.

I get them cereal with milk and bananas.

Payson is getting impatient so I scramble eggs in chicken fat for him.

I finish peeling and chopping and put the vegetables in chicken broth and start the pot boiling.

I wash some pans.

I refill Payson’s plate of eggs three times.

I refill all three kids’ cups twice each.

I start a load of laundry.

I turn off the crockpot chicken that I started last night and strain the broth into jars.

I pick all the meat off the bones and put it in the fridge.

I wash more dishes.

I put Ember in the wrap. She falls asleep.

I wash the kids’ breakfast dishes along with the crockpot and pot that I boiled vegetables in.

I teach Payson how to play with his new Cars dominoes. He says, “I love my new game!” He calls his dominoes, “matches” since I taught him how to match up the cars. So cute.

The girls beg to play Life. I tell them we will when Payson’s in bed. Instead I bring out their new dominoes. Sierra had picked out princess ones.

We play a couple games.

Ember is still sleeping in the wrap.

I eat a granola bar while I gather clothes from the floor.

I switch the laundry to the dryer and start another load.

I teach the older kids how to set up the dominoes in a line and then knock them down. They all love it.

Ember wakes up. Brooklyn holds her for a bit.

I take Ember and change her diaper.

I breastfeed Ember and put her to “bed” in the swing.

I change Payson’s poopy diaper.

I sanitize his changing counter.

I wash my hands for the millionth time today. My hands are dry and sore.

I put on lotion.

While I’m in my bathroom I change my dirty clothes.

I look longingly at my shower before heading back into the kitchen where I…

Wash the rest of the dishes and start lunch.

I heat up shredded beef I’d made yesterday.

I grate cheese.

I cook tortillas.

I put them all together and serve them.

Payson refuses his chicken soup.

He drinks a full cup of water, though.

I put Payson to bed.

I wash the dishes I used for lunch. Oh my word the DISHES in this house!!! Ugh.

I manage to shove three bites of a burrito in my mouth before…

The girls beg to play Life, but we really need to get some school done.

It is 1pm.

My back hurts so bad I feel like crying in a crumpled ball in my closet.

Instead I lay on the floor on my back in my closet and call Allan.

Our ten minute talk has been the highlight of my day.

I get the girls started on school.

I sit down for five minutes and type.

Brooklyn and Sierra whine loudly that they’re finished with their worksheets.

So I have to go.

Sorry blog, there is not one single spare second for you today besides this “excuse” post… I am way too busy to edit or upload a picture or muster any kind of thought besides a bullet list of my day so far. I have to go teach the girls some more and then Payson and Ember will be up and wanting food and attention and there will be so many more dishes. The laundry will need to be folded and put away and the floor desperately needs a mopping after I spilled chicken broth this morning.

I could go on and on but I will spare you the rest of the boring details!

But if I could I would sit here and edit pictures and type and have a jolly good time.

5 thoughts on “Work

  • Okay, just so you know….life just gets filled with other stuff when your kids grow up! Today is shopping for activites for the month day! I had to go to three different stores to get what I needed! Normally I enjoy shopping….Should be fun, but when I am not there I know that NO ONE is going to have fun with the residents & they will be herded off to take “naps” in front of the TV. UGH! I have so much stuff all over my house all the time because there is nowhere at work to put it. By this age you are pooped & sore & sleepy. I used to think when you all left home I would sleep. I would take blissful long, hot bathes (and I have been able to)…but when you work outside the home it sucks too! Good news is, I ♥ you!

  • Wow, this makes me want to cry because I REMEMBER when every single minute was like this. Keep pushing on lady, every year they get older it DOES get a bit easier and more enjoyable. I love my kids, but I don't the very early years one single bit.

  • I feel your pain believe me. I have been without internet for a week and went through withdrawls. Lol So I have missed yor last few posts. It does get easier though. My kids are 4,6 and 7 and every day is better than the next. Hang in there.

  • It's very understandable that you haven't had time to blog!! Have you considered trying to grow four extra arms? Or how about hiring someone to type for you so you can dictate your blog post while trying to accomplish ten other things simultaneously? =)

    Here's something I've been meaning to comment on – I really enjoy all the photos you post where you are included in the photo. Some are posed and very sweet, but others look so natural and “in the moment”…almost like someone else is there taking the pictures for you. It adds so much personality to your blog. I have hundreds (thousands is more accurate) pictures of my kids but very few where I'm included. You've inspired me to try and change that…and to try and capture the everyday moments where we're interacting with each other and not necessarily with the camera.

    Hope you're having a good weekend and finding a little extra time for yourself!

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