Baby Sleeps Without Boob

Ember went through a short phase last week where she’d wake up at night, nurse, then turn and go to sleep. It was bliss.

The last two nights she’s nursed nonstop all night. No joke. I figured it’s a growth spurt and didn’t worry about it too much but it is hard when your baby won’t sleep at all without being attached to you.

So this morning I was nursing her to sleep and would wait until she seemed to be in a deep sleep and then slowly start to slide away and she’d immediately start rooting wildly for me.

The fourth time this happened she randomly pulled her hand to her face in her near-sleep state and started sucking her thumb. I sat there not moving an inch and watching while she fell right back to sleep. Without me needed.

Woah! Nice!

I waited a couple minutes, gently holding her hand near her face so her thumb wouldn’t fall out of her mouth and when she looked like she was fully sleeping I rolled away. And she stayed just like this:
It’s been ten minutes. I hope she takes a decent nap. She generally has one three hour nap in the mornings and then bitty cat naps the rest of the day. She usually sleeps in her swing, though. Any time I get her to sleep in the bed she wakes up five or ten minutes later.
So… we’ll see what happens. Is it horrible that I’m so so so hoping she is a thumb sucker and manages to sleep soundly that way?

(Sorry about the horrible photo quality, it was totally dark in that room)

One thought on “Baby Sleeps Without Boob

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwww, baby sucking thumb = cutest thing EVER! How sweet! The problem comes when your FIVE YEAR OLD still does it (Emmy). It's not nearly as cute then!
    I agree that it would be awesome for you all if she was able to self-soothe like that. Especially you and your poor boobies! Hudson used to toy with me like that, and I ended up getting him a pacifier that he could tolerate (it's harder to find paci's for breastfed babies) and it saved my sanity. It's not fun to be used as a human pacifier. ;c) haha!

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