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I’ve been reading a lot this week. I bought a couple books and checked out a few more from the library and every spare second I can find I read a bit. The book I’ve been reading the most is one that was recommended to me by two online friends after hearing me vent about Payson’s allergies and the elimination diet we’re doing.
It’s called Gut and Psychology Syndrome and I’m loving it. There is a diet, called GAPS (the initials of the book’s title) that we’re going to start soon. I’ll probably blog more about it as we get further into it.

Pretty much all of my reading is done while breastfeeding or cuddling with the kids on the couch while they watch TV. Ember loves to grab my book as I read. Her eyes light up if she manages to get a corner in her mouth.

I was walking past my bedroom and heard giggling coming from Ember and peeked in to see this:

I always feel guilty when I spoil the moment with my camera so I try not to very often but it’s so nice when I steal a picture or two, like these.

I was surprised to get a couple blog questions about school recently. I didn’t know anyone was that interested. ha
It’s going really, really, really well. I honestly can’t imagine it going any better! I love every single thing we’re using and much more importantly Brooklyn loves it and is eager for every subject (she still doesn’t enjoy handwriting but doesn’t whine through it anymore) and is retaining knowledge! Joy!

In the middle of a RightStart Math lesson:

I updated the curriculum link at the top of my public blog to include what we’re using right now. I would highly recommend every single thing. They are so easy to use, for me, and are fun and effective. Gosh, I love our new curriculum! I’ll eventually add a link to this blog I’m just to lazy to go messing with html right now. haha

Taking pictures during school time is hard. Pretty much impossible which is why there are rarely posts about school anymore. I am pretty much always holding one or two kids while teaching. I try to do a lot of school while Payson naps and sometimes it works out awesome because Ember naps at the same time but other times I’m breastfeeding or holding her while teaching.

And more often Payson refuses a nap or only sleeps for an hour and completely ruins the rest of school time. Schooling with a toddler around drives me absolutely crazy!

Allan was home yesterday and snapped these of me teaching Brooklyn. Seriously that RightStart Math is worth every single penny and then some!

Did you notice Payson in the above picture? If not here’s another picture of what he was doing:

Yep, he is naughty! We were playing games on our whiteboard yesterday and he’s sitting right next to me with a giant huge white canvas in front of him and turns around and colors on the wall!! He is such a stinker! He does things like that every second of the day! His current favorite thing to do is find something to use as a step: a box, a chair, a stool, the ottoman, a pile of books; and drag it over to the counters and get into stuff. Or drag it into the bathroom and get into the cleaning stuff (yes, they’re moved now!) or drag it into the pantry and get into gluten-ridden food, or drag it by his changing counter to mess with the diaper supplies.

Allan honest to goodness bought these hook nail things last night to nail into our chairs and table and attach a leash!! Our table is so old and ghetto I’m not worried about how terribly white trash this will look. All I care about is that the climbing stops! haha

So, he’s a stinker. But oh is he a sweetie, too! Such a loving, cuddly, sweet little boy. He drives me crazy and pushes me to the end of my rope but he is also a blinding, happy light in my life 🙂
Photobucket(Trying to read a few pages while Brooklyn and Ember were still sleeping and the middle kids watch Sesame Street.)

Have I ever talked about how I’m so not a morning person? My gosh mornings are just the worst, aren’t they? I wish I could sleep until 9 every day. Or heck 8. Or heck just sleep through the night. Ember is still waking up several times at night. Though as tired as I am I just love our little nightly get togethers. Get togethers which last most of the night since she sleeps in bed with me, attached to the boob the whole time! I do manage to get her to sleep in her swing for part of the night and it’s blissful when I do. My back is killing me from sleeping on my side all night so she can easily nurse.

This morning the kids opened up some letters they got in the mail.
Thanks Mindy, they made the morning really exciting! The girls are going to write letters back during Payson’s naptime 🙂

During breakfast Sierra showed off her super cool trick.
Payson and Ember just went to sleep so I better go get stuff done while my hands are free!
Nevermind, Ember just woke up. haha

3 thoughts on “Reading, Baby Love, Bit of School

  • The girls were SUPER excited to see this post! 🙂 They have asked me EVERY SINGLE DAY….”Do you think they have our letters yet Mom? Do you think she was surprised Mom? Do you think they have opened and read them yet Mom? How long does the mail take? Do you think they will write us back?!”…and so on! They were so happy to see pictures of them reading them! Mia said, “WOW! I didn't know she was going to BLOG about it!!!” I said, “Oh I kind of figured she would!” 😉 Anyway, thanks for posting these!

    I am SO not a morning person either…and I'm not even up all night nursing a baby! I don't know how you do everything you do!!!

  • I so hope this diet helps him. That would be pretty awesome I know.

    Good to hear how great school is going:) Esp Math which is so important!!! Yay!! We've always used Saxon with the hands-on stuff and the kids have enjoyed it. This year I switched my son(he's 10) to Teaching Textbooks on the computer and at first he liked it but not for long. This afternoon he told me he dislikes it so much that he's going to earn his own money so he can change math. I was surprised as it seems good although it's worded different and I think that's what's throwing him off.

    Oh yes, those lovable little boys. Tyler was always like that. Actually he still is! He's forever tearing something apart and into everything. I'm not so sure they ever outgrow it, it just changes. My daughter, nope she's my easy one, thank goodness.

    Oh and those sleepless nights. Thank goodness they get better:)

  • Count me as one who truly enjoys reading your homeschool posts! I love seeing what you and the kids are up to and how your days look. I applaud your ability to accomplish so much with 2 little ones always wanting or needing your attention! Our days are quieter in comparison as my 5-year old is my only student while big brother is at school.

    What a great idea for the kids to have penpals! It was fun to read how excited your girls were to receive their letters…and then read Mindy's comment above about how excited her kids were to see this post. Sounds like a trip to the mailbox will quickly become a daily highlight! 🙂

    I'm not much of a morning person either, but I wish I could change that. Unfortunately my days have to begin just before 6:00 am to get my oldest ready for school and carpool pick up. My lack of morning energy is my own doing, though, because I'm up so late at night. That's my most productive time…when the house is quiet and I have uninterrupted time to focus on the things I need to get done. I try to sleep in later on Fridays when my hubby is home from traveling and on the weekends.

    Such sweet pictures of Ember and Daddy…especially the one you took peeking through the door.

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