Drugged, Happy, Saying Goodbye

I have so many pictures and no time so tonight I just grabbed the most recent picture on my harddrive. Today at Costco Ember fell asleep in the sling.

I’m drugged right now and feeling like I’m going to pass out. Face plant into the keyboard wouldn’t be nice.
Drugged? Huh?

At Costco I had pizza with the kids. Pizza is pretty darn fattening. Fat is not a happy thing for my gallbladder.

Yep, gallbladder attack. Holy crapola does that HURT like a mother. So much worse than anything else I’ve experienced. Like, I just want to DIE it hurts. And guess how long this one lasted! Almost TWO hours! *cry*

I don’t know why I bothered to take Vicodin (30 minutes into the attack) (actually the generic replacement, starts with hydro or something, I don’t know) since it doesn’t even TOUCH the pain! Seriously doesn’t even TOUCH it!! How awful is that? I think I’ll flush the rest of the pills. Worthless things. Oh except they kick in three hours later and make me feel drowsy. haha

But guess what! I’m going to lose ten pounds this month because I’m back on no fat and I dropped weight like crazy when I did no fat a couple months ago. Yay for skinny! Sad for goodbye yummy food, but oh well.

Ok, I’m sorry I sound like an idiot, but I did mention the going to pass out thing, right?

Tonight as I was crawling into bed with Allan I remembered I should brush my teeth and then get some water. I walked into the kitchen and heard someone crying.
It was Sierra. I went into her room and said, “What’s wrong?” And she says, “I just want to stay up longer.”

It was 10pm.

I was pretty upset because Sierra is the sleepiest, crankiest during the day because the child wakes up at the crack of dawn. So I told her to follow me. We walked through the dark house, past her siblings’ closed doors to my bedroom. I said, “look.” and pointed to Allan asleep in bed and Ember asleep in the swing. “It’s bedtime and bedtime means sleeping. And even if you wanted to stay up, you’d be sitting in a dark living room alone.”

Payson was whining at me for something yesterday. “Mommmy, mommmy, mommy, mooooooooommmy!”
I said jokingly, “Um, I changed my name. I’m not mommy anymore. My name is Ariana. I will not answer to mommy, just Ariana.”
And Payson said, “You i-ee-on-na-na-na-na?”

Allan and I cracked up laughing!! Ariananana. Lol!
Earlier that day (or maybe Saturday) Allan gave the kids rootbeer and Payson said, “It’s so dark!” and I said, yeah it is, it’s called rootbeer. And he said, “roobiter.”

And I don’t want to tell you guys this next part. It’s very sad and I feel like a big fat jerk for it.
I’m going to have to delete some of you.

I know! Freaking rude of me!

But guess what I didn’t know about. There is a 100 reader limit for private blogs! STUPID, don’t you think?! I do!

And I had 300 requests to be added. So at least 200 people can’t view this thing. 200 NICE people! šŸ™

The reason some of you I already added have to go is because I still have some family members to add. So if you suddenly can’t get in anymore I’m REALLY sorry but family comes first.

But there is a tiny bit of good news. I’m keeping my public My Sweet Chaos up and am going to update it occasionally with pictures that don’t show my kids’ faces.

Like this:

Because I really love you guys. You are great people. And I’m not too sad about this whole private blog thing because I got a chance to “meet” you guys on your sites and I had a great time visiting and know I will keep visiting in the future and having that connection feels really nice šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Drugged, Happy, Saying Goodbye

  • You and Ember look absolutely beautiful in your picture. Sorry to hear you had another Gallbladder attack! Gosh, I would be so scared to even eat. I am so sad to hear you have to delete some of us readers :(. I have been reading your blog for so long, and I would really miss you and your family.

  • NO!!!!! Blogger needs to get with it and stop the 100 limit thing. That is ridiculous. I have been reading you for so many years I don't think I would know how to not check it everyday. Lol. I think your blog was one of the very first I ever started reading when I was still a “pea” and new to the blogging scene. But I do understand about family of course. I am still upset that wierd photo stealing people have to ruin if for everyone else.

    Sorry about your attack. I can't imagine how bad it must feel if vicodin(hydrocodone) doesn't even touch it. My husband used to have attacks so bad that the morphine in the hospital didn't help him. Hope you feel better asap. Mamas can't be sick and in pain.

  • I really wish they would stop the 100 only limit. I hope I get to stay on your private blog but I totally understand if you have to replace me with a family member.
    I adore your blog : )

  • I'm so sorry that you had another gallbladder attack. I can't imagine the pain you must have been in. I'm so sad that you'll have to be deleting some of us readers. Of course we understand that family comes first. I can't believe that blogger only allows 100 readers for a private blog. That is nutty!

    I know nothing about WordPress, but have you looked into that option? I'll be sad if I can't read your blog anymore. I am excited that you will be posting on the open blog some though! At least you won't be gone from my world for good…

    Good luck with your decisions!

  • Say it isn't so! When I first read the title of your post, I thought, “Oh no…something else has happened and she's signing off for good.” I was relieved when I continued reading on…until the very last part! šŸ™ Man, that really stinks! I wonder why they put a limit on private blogs?

    As selfish as I'd like to be (and by that I mean saying, “Please, please, please, pretty please let me stay!”)…I will try to refrain and tell you that I completely respect whatever decision you make. I'm sorry you're in this position!

    Your gallbladder attacks sound beyond terrible! Is your doctor following you closely for this? I ask because my mom had her gallbladder removed last year after one extremely bad attack. It was a good thing she did because her gallbladder had actually become gangrenous and could have eventually ruptured. It's a very serious condition, so please be sure your doctor is aware of your attacks and the severity. My mom had laparoscopic surgery which is easier to recover from, but she was still in quite a bit of discomfort for the first few days.

    To end on a happy note, that is such a beautiful picture of you and Ember! Love the soft haze, the fabric of the sling…and your hair looks so cute in the braid.

    I'll keep trying to log in with bated breath…

    Best wishes!

  • You look so beautiful in your photo, and Ember cute like always. Payson is the most sweet baby boy ever.. hahaha.

    I'm sorry about your attack, read that make me feel so bad. I hope you feel better soon.

    I totally understand you, but I'll be sad about it. I don't read you a years but I love read you and I'll be sad to sit next to computer and can't read about your wonderful family. But, family first always.

    Thanks for the intention of letting me read your private blog. Thank you for the trust, Ariana.

  • Sucks about the gallbladder attack. Sucks too about the blog issue. Totally understand that family is first. I am sure we are all hoping to make the cut, LOL.

    IF not, we still have the originally blog.

    Have a good Wednesday!!

  • Oh, Ariana! Ouch! šŸ™ Don't flush the pills though, they'll get into the public water supply. If you really want to get rid of them, I think most pharmacies can take them back now for safer disposal.

    It kind of makes me glad I quit blogging for awhile and most people forgot about me, lol. I don't have to feel crazy trying to choose who can view and who can't!

  • Cute picture of you and Ember! Sorry about the gallbladder attack. I'm so glad I had mine removed when I was 23 years old.

    I love that your a baby-wearer šŸ™‚ I was with Junior for the first year of his life. I love the connection him and I had even though people always questioned it.

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