Hi Guys

Going private has been a great thing. I feel like I’ve gotten to know everyone a lot better through facebook, blogs, emails, and flickr. I love that.

I have so many pictures from this week that I think I might just not blog them to save myself time!
With blogging gone I spent that free time working on blurb books. I’m SO excited to print them out! I haven’t scrapbooked or printed a blog book since 2007! I’ve missed holding a book and flipping through pictures that way.
I’ve also been journaling a lot more. So the blog break was a good way for me to start good habits for record keeping!

I’ll probably get back into regular posting starting Monday.
Here’s just a snap from the other day. We were all playing outside. Brooklyn was practicing casting while pretending to be pregnant.

She obviously carries her babies really high. Like, in her boobs.

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