Bible in 90 Days, How Goes It?

I’ve been having a hard time with the bible in 90 days challenge. Since starting the challenge I’ve actually been reading less! I think the pressure of the challenge coupled with the fact that I loathe Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus made me lose steam.
That sounds horrible to say I loathe those books but really they’re so incredibly boring and full of stories I don’t enjoy at all. I don’t care to ever read those books again! lol

In other non-news, trying to read with children awake is pretty much impossible. With Payson giving up his naps (I could cry typing that!) I’ve been stressed and unproductive. I really, desperately need those two hours of time away from him to get stuff done. I don’t know what to do anymore!! My days are even more chaotic. School with him around is brutal, blogging with him around is impossible, eating with him around means him screaming, cleaning with him around is down right dangerous. I’m going nuts!
Oh but he is so freaking cute!! And he has these moments where I can hardly stand how sweet and funny and clever he is! And he really, really, really adores his mama and that makes all the stress and madness worth it.

I think.
Evidence of how freaking adorable he is, he was running and pushing the shutter and then running back and smiling over and over again while we took group shots. In the picture above he’d ran to push the shutter but then stopped to watch the cartoon for a bit and when he realized the picture was going to be snapped soon he ran and dove onto the couch.
He cracks me up all day! He’s sitting next to me right now staring off into space while sucking his binky and cuddling his elephant. I just turned to him and rubbed his face and said, “Oh you are so cute!” and he responds, “Mm-Hmm, mommy.”

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  • Oh my gosh…oh my gosh…I think I almost hyperventilated reading those words…”Payson gave up his naps.” Ariana, I would DIE if Cayden gave up napping right now. I NEED, physically and mentally, need those hours that he sleeps each afternoon. How are you doing it?

    Chaylee gave up napping at this same age, but I prolonged my time for another 6 months by telling her, okay, you don't have to sleep, but you are having quiet time in your room regardless. I still put her in there at the same time she would nap every day for an hour and a half to two hours, and I put a childproof doorknob on the inside. She actually took it very well and would look at books and play with toys. Occasionally she'd even fall asleep.

    I don't know if that would work for you, but I know if Cayden gave up napping right now, I'd be doing that again. Good luck, Ariana. You are superwoman.

  • Oh my, the napping strike would have me insane as well. We did “quiet time” around the age they start to give up naps and usually (my Sierra) would fall asleep anyway. I have numerous photos of her asleep with books on her face, laying on a pile of books or toys. 🙂

  • Payson sounds like the cutest, sweetest little guy! I remember from when you posted about your daily schedule that his nap was pretty early (before lunch, right?) Have you tried pushing his nap later to see if he'd hold on to it for a bit longer? My sil just started doing this with her nephew because he was fighting his nap so much. When Graham went to 1 nap, it was the morning nap we dropped. So he goes down around 1:00 and sleeps til 3:00-4:00. That works great for us because we do a little group stuff in the morning and then after lunch he and Leah take naps while I do the bulk of our schoolwork with the older 2.

  • I LOVE this group picture!! 🙂 I'm SO sad for you that Payson is giving up naps!! That's awful! Levi has been changing from day to day but lately he isn't napping either. Today we went somewhere and on the way home he fell asleep and I lucked out that he slept a little longer once we got home. He doesn't want to nap though and he wakes up at the crack of dawn no matter what time he goes to bed. It is exhausting! I hope you are able to figure out a way to keep sane during these days! 😉 Every day when Rusty leaves for work he tells me, “Stay sane!” 🙂 lol!!

  • Emily, good to know Joshua is a good read. I'll look forward to it 🙂

    Crystal, when Brooklyn and Sierra gave up their naps I started quiet time in their rooms every day. Payson just doesn't understand quiet time so there's no way I can leave him in his locked room without him feeling like he's on timeout.

    Amber, I don't remember when he used to nap but he's been napping from 1-3pm since Ember was born.

    Mindy, Levi sounds exactly like Payson. It doesn't matter what time he goes to bed, he gets up early. Poor us. lol

    Nichole, thank you 🙂

  • I'm glad that your B90 reading is getting better. 🙂 I just read your comment on my blog.

    It is tough to adjust to reading it this way, but once you do, it DOES make a tremendous difference. Keep it up!!

    And yes, the end of the nap is a huge (but tiring for mom) milestone. Don't worry, play by yourself time WILL happen one day. I promise. 🙂

    I LOVE all your photos! So gorgeous and filled with personality!

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