The 7th

Journal-y post ahead. For my own benefit. You can skip the reading if you want.

Brooklyn’s biggest struggle with school is math. We started her with Horizons math since it was recommended by Sonlight. Horizons is a great curriculum with really fun, colorful workbook pages (Sierra’s doing really well using it) but it was not even close to what Brooklyn needed.
I went on a homeschooling forum I visit and asked for ideas on what to use for a visual learner and one of the curriculum suggested was Math Mammoth.
I bought and downloaded it and started right away. Brooklyn is at a first grade math level (not too bad, but even at a first grade level at 7 years old she was struggling) and though Math Mammoth was better than Horizons I could tell that it still wasn’t quite right. I could see it in her eyes that the concepts and visualization you need in math weren’t clicking.

So I went back to my homeschooling forum and searched some more, specifically for visual and hands-on possibilities, and kept coming back to Rightstart math. It’s one of the most expensive at $215 but it was the only thing that I looked at over and over again and knew would work with Brooklyn. I’ve researched a ridiculous amount of curriculum for math and out of all of them this was the only one that I could see Brooklyn really grasping fully.

So I bought it for her and it came in the mail two days ago. She was so excited (it was a big box!) that she begged to do school right then and there and I said yes, of course!

We pulled out everything and set some stuff up and started in with lesson one. I knew lesson one should be cake for her because I bought first grade and she’s about half way through first grade but doing those first ten lessons with her was amazing. She was finally, finally seeing the concepts in her mind. She’s struggled so much with her math facts, for example, even though she has an incredible memory for science and history, but Rightstart teaches it in such a way that she could see the facts in her mind. She can now see 5 and 1 when I say 6, for example. It’s not just numbers said to her, it’s a mental, visual thing, which is SO crucial and no matter what I used before she was stuck.

So anyway, Righstart math has changed her life. She feels excited and relieved about math time now. And my life has changed because it takes a third of the time to do math and actually works and she’s happy and I’m not stressed or planning on getting her a math tutor anymore. haha

I had Sierra take a picture of me and Ember. Before I let her take my camera I asked her to stand by the wall so I could set up the exposure. Brooklyn got really jealous and went to stand over there, too, and they stood there pushing each other back and forth over it.

That evening after the older three kids went to bed Allan and I wanted to watch our rented movie (Inception) but our DVD player has died. We pushed our blue couch up to our computer and watched it that way instead.
Ember joined us, of course, nursing and then sleeping through the movie.

And also she spent some time giggling at daddy.

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  • I am really glad you found a curriculum that is working! I would have suggested Math U See. I haven't used it, but know several people who have, and love it for visual learners. I a, struggling with finding something I like for Science and History. Just textbook type ones are soooo boring for me, but the ones that aren't are too hands on, which is very time consuming when it comes to planning and preparing. What forum, do you visit? I've found a couple but they are so big it is intimidating.

  • I am glad to hear she is enjoying that program. Next year we will be moving to an official curriculum for math and I am leaning towards that program too. After using it for a while if you have any feedback, please let me know! šŸ™‚

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