The day

So yep, the morning sucked. Majorly. Every single thing I did until noon felt like torture. Payson cried literally the entire morning no matter what I did with him, and Ember fussed in her swing, in her bouncy chair, in the wrap, and I… I gritted my teeth, put a smile on my face and hugged my girls and asked them if they were excited for the day and they grinned and started talking a mile a minute about how happy they were and all we were going to do.

And I curled Sierra’s hair when she asked me to and painted her nails when she asked me to and gave her a special dab of lipgloss and some glittery white eyeshadow because it was her special day.

And we talked about the last five years of her life and she flitted around like a little princess and we exchanged raised eyebrows as her little brother got louder and louder and we drove to McDonald’s and got a happy meal and we all squealed when we got to the drive thru and saw that they had little stuffed animals as the toy inside. And all of us sang loudly along to One Republic’s “Everybody Loves Me” and we got home and took a few pictures and Sierra got to open one of her presents early (we’re celebrating her birthday Saturday) and she hugged her new webkinz and hugged me.

And things were fine. I wanted to be sleeping through parts of it, yeah, but that doesn’t mean anything except I’m tired. You don’t get to quit your job just because you didn’t get much sleep the night before. You have to put on a happy face and do your work.

And motherhood. That’s mine.

In the afternoon Payson took a nap and the girls played together and I nursed Ember and the day went on and on.

And now it’s 7pm and dark and things are heading towards bedtime.

I’m typing and three little kids are sitting three feet from me working on writing before bed. Well, two are working on stories and letters and the third is coloring scribbles over a preschool coloring page.

And the youngest has just started crying in the other room because the swing is not as good as mommy’s arms.

And so I’m going to go. We’ll do brushing teeth and a story and song and then I’ll sit on the couch in my quiet house, nursing Ember.

I will leave you with just a few pictures. Payson sat on my lap every second of the day that Ember wasn’t so picking up the camera just didn’t happen. But I did manage these few when we got home from McDonald’s.

6 thoughts on “The day

  • Well, I have days like those! I actually took yesterday off as a personal day! I decided it was because I felt sorry for myself that it was Sierra's birthday & I couldn't reach you by phone, so felt pouty that we live so far apart!

    I am so thankful that despite your day you took pictures & posted them. She is so pretty! The girls are so beautiful & Ember is really starting to look alot like your baby pictures! You should put them up side by side so I can see if I am correct in my memory?!

    I hope that Saturday goes smoother since you'll have help from daddy! The kids look great & you look fantastic!

    Sleep deprived plus little ones is such a drain.

    I love you much! Luv, Mom

  • Sierra shares a birthday with Sweetie. Sorry you had such a hard time, I hate those days, especially when they fall on the days that are supposed to be exciting and happy. Hope you have a better day today and Happy Birthday Sierra!

  • Those kinds of days are rough and always seem to come at the worst time. I hope today is off to a better start!

    Payson's hair is so cute, but those shiners always seem to look worse before they get better.

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