Bits of Days

I’m putting all the extra random snaps I have from the last few days in this post.

Sierra’s new winter jacket came in the mail today. She was really excited. That was the last thing we were waiting on before going to the white mountains for some snow fun this month!

Ember loved sitting in Payson’s old bumbo chair this morning. She kept reaching for the toy and knocking it off the tray which made the other three kids laugh every single time.

Payson gets so messy each time he eats that I have to throw his outfit in the wash and then scrub him down. Sometimes he needs three baths in one day!
To get around having to do so much laundry I thought about using bibs again. But bibs don’t cover his pants and he spills food on his lap as much as on his chest.
So? I started using aprons! They work perfectly!

We’ve done school here and there. I don’t take pictures because I’m typically holding Ember. I just don’t have ten arms, unfortunately.

Payson had started putting his hands down his pants in the mornings if he had pooped. He doesn’t play in his poop like one of our other children did (*ahem* BROOKLYN) but he does get it on his fingers from scratching in there! I HATEHATEHATE that. It makes me sick to my stomach and cleaning it up grosses me out so much it takes hours to get over it! lol
So Allan bought a bunch of sleepers and I pin the zipper down so he can’t get them off and… problem solved!! Clean toddler, happy mommy.

Brooklyn is obsessed with her webkinz. She would play all day in that webkinz world if I let her. She asked me the other day if I’d let her talk to the other kids that play and I said no. Is that mean? I don’t care if it is, internet socialization isn’t something I want her starting at 7!

3 thoughts on “Bits of Days

  • I don't think that's mean. I would be the same way. Natalie got some webkinz for her birthday, but she never really got into it. She did it a couple times, but never asked about it again.

  • Sierra looks like a little bear in her coat, very cute! My Olivia has a pink one with fur. 🙂

    Hard to belive your baby is big enough for a Bumbo already!

    I have used my nursing cover-up on our youngest as a bib since its so wide and long, it works great!

  • My 2 yr. old loves pasta and before I bought those catch-all rubber bibs half his food would wind up in his lap and in his highchair. The huge wide open pocket on the front of the bib catches everything and when he's done I just toss what's in the pocket and put the bib in the top part of my dishwasher and it cleans it spotless. I've found them at Babies R Us but you can get them online too.

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