Checking in on a Busy Day

We spent the morning cleaning today. It was really nice getting so much done!

Allan has a day off work since he earned a lot of vacation time last year so we’re going to go hiking this afternoon. I’m looking forward to it!

I took a couple pictures this morning. The photo-a-day project I joined on flickr really motivates me to get my camera out. I probably wouldn’t have taken any pictures today!

I’ve had a cellphone and contract through t-mobile for the past two years. My contract ended this month and instead of renewing we let it go. It’ll save us $82 a month!!

Today at breakfast when everyone was finishing up eating I was amazed as I looked at the near-empty plates. Everything I cooked was gobbled up without leftovers.
6 pieces of toast
11 eggs
12 sausage links
2 oranges
1.5 liters of simply orange mango juice

And that’s for 2 adults, 2 little girls and 1 toddler! And I only ate one egg and 2 sausage links!
I fear for our grocery bill in 5 years. And 10 years? Yikes.

Yesterday Allan, me and the kids had a picnic. The kids were running around having a blast. Payson was really excited all the way up until he tripped and fell into the picnic table.

Oh boy did he cry! Poor baby πŸ™
But after a couple minutes he was back to running around and goofing off with his sisters.

4 thoughts on “Checking in on a Busy Day

  • Nice treat to have your DH home! I get you on letting the cell phone go — we are letting cable go this month (more like this week) now that our contract is over and it will save us $64 a month – woo hoo!!!

    Poor Payson πŸ™

  • Awwww, does that mean no more texting? That makes me sad πŸ™ Guess we'll just have to be better about sending emails or –heaven forbid– real mail! LOL I'm so bad at that!!
    Every once in a while I get into panic mode and I'll tell Calvin “What can we get rid of? We have to get rid of something…cable, internet, smart phones, something!” And honestly, we can't come up with anything that we can live without. πŸ˜› It's awful and makes me feel really materialistic. Wish I could take a big leap and finally get rid of our cable, but it's a life-saver in the winter with the kids trapped inside all day!!

  • Wow, that is a huge breakfast! 11 eggs?! πŸ™‚

    We are moving to Northern California next month, its a fairly remote location and I've heard rumors we won't have cell service there!

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