How to Make that Outfit

In my last post of Ember a couple of you commented and asked about the outfit she’s wearing. I made the outfit using a pair of thigh high socks I found at Target.

To make the baby stockings you simply cut the socks as long as your baby’s leg is from thigh to ankle. I make mine a bit longer so they go over her feet or scrunch up a lot because I like that look.

To make the ruffled onesie I used this tutorial by Elizabeth Kartchner.

To make the headband I use two different tutorials for the flowers.
Heather Bailey’s yoyo tutorial for the smaller two flowers.
And this tutorial at the mother huddle for the larger one.
I added some prima (scrapbook) flowers and beads to the fabric flowers.
Then I hot glued the three flowers together and then to a piece of lace from an old, ripped shirt of Brooklyn’s.

And that’s it!

Total cost for me? $5!

I think Ember’s a fan!
It’s all super comfy, too… the headband fits her perfectly since it’s handmade. You know how baby headbands can be tight and leave marks? This one didn’t leave even a hint of a mark after she wore it for an hour!

The onesie is a simple white organic one that’s super soft. And the baby stockings are so so warm and snuggly.

And the whole thing took less than an hour!

Brooklyn and Sierra really liked it. They call stuff I make them “made clothes” which cracks me up.
I made the shirts they wore in our family picture this year. I was having no luck finding coordinating clothes for all of us girls that were cheap enough, so I was going to settle on plain white t-shirts for everyone. I remembered seeing the ruffled shirt tutorial this summer and figured it would be easy to make some.

And they are reeeeally easy!
Brooklyn and Sierra love matching Ember.

Here are a couple other pictures I took of all four kids while they were dressed up.
Ok, that’s enough pictures from me! Yikes.

Ember says have an exciting New Year’s.

Looks like she plans to!

9 thoughts on “How to Make that Outfit

  • All your kids are adorable but Ember…is possibly the cutest baby I've ever seen. How do you get anything done? I'd want to snuggle her ALL day! 🙂

  • Honestly it's hard to get anything done for exactly that reason! I get really sad when she takes naps! It's great to cook and clean and spend time with the other kids at those times but I really would love to just sit and cuddle her ALL DAY 🙂

  • Thank you! I'm off to check out those tutorials sometime soon. I really appreciate that you took the time to share. 🙂

    I agree with the first comment, it would be so hard to put that cute baby down for a second

  • Totally adorable! Great photos too! My little sis is expecting twins (I am also a twin Mom) and I'm really hoping they are girls so I can make these!

  • I never realized you made that outfit yourself! It's extremely cute!
    I wish Ember an exciting year too… and of course you and the rest of your beautiful family!!

  • Wow!!! You are so talented!! This is the cutest baby outfit ever! I am certain this would take me many, many hours instead of 1.

    Love the matching T-shirts also!

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