Jeans without a Bunched Crotch

And only $19.99. I can afford a pair at that price!
I got some new jeans from Target. They fit perfectly. It’s nice to not have a bunchy crotch. Bunchy crotches are not attractive at all.

I took about 20 pictures trying to get an in-focus shot of my pants without me looking like a complete idiot. But I was failing miserably so I got Payson to join me because he can make any picture cuter!

He was excited to help. He is still obsessed with self timer shots. In the picture below he’d ran to me and posed and smiled and then already ran back to the camera to push the shutter again!

And yes he really loves his mama. 2 1/2 years and still the biggest mama’s boy in the world. Which I really love πŸ™‚

Then I set up the camera for some closer shots.

Later in the day he was sitting with me on the couch. Payson is next to me most of the day, actually. If I’m nursing Ember on the couch he brings his toys over to play next to me or he just cuddles up to me and rests his head on my shoulder. If I’m cooking he’s underfoot. If I’m going pee he’s crying at the locked baby gate because he wants to come in. (lol) If the older three kids are playing outside and I’m not he constantly knocks on the sliding glass door and asks, “Mommy outside?” And if I say no, I’m cooking (or cleaning or feeding Ember, or whatever) he pouts and asks for a hug and to come in. He stays in for a while to hang out with me and then goes back out, only to repeat the process five minutes later.
He’s such a mama’s boy!

Some funny things he says:
-When watching Ember nursing, “Emmow’s eating boobies?”
-When I’m changing his diaper, “My big peepee! My big bum!” (I have no idea why he says that! lol)
-Pronounces many things to sound like bad words: truck and suck both sound like the f-word. (He offers me his binky sometimes and says, “suck it”… which sounds like “f–k it.”!)
-Calls himself Pays-a-Pays which is the nickname we call him by.
-Even if he has a huge load of poo, if you ask him if he has pooped or if he needs a new diaper he’ll answer, “No! All clean!!”
-If he gets hurt or is upset he tells me, “I sad, mommy. I sad.”

-Many, many times a day the following mini conversation occurs:
Me: “Payson, guess what!”
Payson, smiling because he loves this game: “What?”
Me: “I love you!”
Payson: “Mommy loves pays-a-pays?”
Me: “Yes, I love you so much! Do you love mommy?”
Payson: “No, daddy!”
Me: “Awwww, that’s sweet you love daddy! Do you love mommy?”
Payson: “No, Payson loves daddy!” (and he’s smiling and you can tell he’s not saying mommy to be funny)
Me, pretending to cry: “You don’t love mommy?”
Payson, smiling and giggling: “Love mommy.”

He also comes up to me so many times during the day and kisses me or hugs me or pats my head or snuggles up to me. He melts my heart so many times I’m surprised it’s still beating.

5 thoughts on “Jeans without a Bunched Crotch

  • What is it about little boys. They are just so different from our girls and it's just amazing! I absolutely LOOOOVE the pic of you hugging Payson with the light shining in behind you. That would be an awesome big print with some saying adding in the white. Ah, just love it. Graham is also mis-pronouncing things. His is c*ck. He says it for sock and stuck and something else that I can't remember right now. I handed him a pair of Cars socks from the dollar bin at Target the other day and he kept yelling through the store “MY C*CK! MY C*CK!”. Nice.

  • Ok, first of all, you look amazing for just having a baby!! Seriously, you look so good!

    That was a sweet post about Payson! So neat that you wrote those conversations down!!

  • Little boys are the BEST! My oldest couldn't say truck or firetruck when he was 2-3 yrs. old and would YELL Firef*ck! Firef*ck!! whenever he'd see a firetruck. He was so obsessed with firetrucks. Once there was one parked in front of a grocery store and while we were walking in the store, there were fireman and police by it and my son was yelling “Firef*ck mommy!!! Firef*ck!!! Look at that F*CK!! That's one big F*CK!!” They (and me) were all laughing at his excitement (and mispronounciation!)

  • I looooooooooove the picture of you and Payson in black and white hugging!!! It made me tear up a little! SO beautiful! Blow that picture up huge and hang it on a wall somewhere, please!? πŸ™‚

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