Day in the Life Vlog

Quick question, guys:
The videos, love them or hate them? Keep posting them or no?

And yes, my house gets that messy once or twice a week. Shameful. Except not really because it’s that messy since it was the day after baking and craft day. There’s no cleaning going on during baking and craft day!

8 thoughts on “Day in the Life Vlog

  • Love it! I like watching your videos, just don't always get a chance to. Depends how much time I get at once to sit at the computer. Got to watch this one in its entirety though and it was so cute! Good reminder for me to take time to have fun with my kids!!!

  • I love your videos! Your kids are just adorable and I love seeing you interact with them. About the messy house…it happens! Mine looks a lot worse than that on a daily basis 🙂 It's part of having kids, and a lived-in home is better than a pristine museum any day of the week!

  • Love the videos and want to do it with my little family. You catch the REAL things that happen throughout the day and I love that. I want to remember those little things and yet they can so easily slip from our memory. I say keep posting them!!! Your family is really sweet…thanks for sharing them with all of us. 🙂

  • I've been reading your blog since before Payson was born and, I guess, this is the first video I've ever watched. It's so weird hearing your voices… I'm from the south and I often forget how different we sound from the rest of the country! 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas!

  • I love the videos! And I am sure one day you will look back and be soooo happy you did them. My parents were really big into video recording us as kids and at 28, my favorite thing to do is watch home movies!

    It's different hearing your voices than just seeing pictures. And so funny that your voices all sound so much alike, even Payson!!

  • Cute video, and great idea to video all the random daily things. I'm good at capturing them with my camera but always forget the video until after every thing is said and done. Our trip to Disneyland was video'd as we were walking back to the hotel… so did you girls have fun?…. LOL

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