Crazy Gymnast

Last night was Brooklyn’s last day of tumbling. Families were allowed to come watch everything the kids have learned over the past 2 1/2 months.
My daughter is definitely the crazy one of the bunch!

I asked Brooklyn if she wanted a picture taken with her best friend. She said yes and I got this…
(I didn’t ask her mom if I could post her picture online and since it’s close up I decided to blur it)

And this…

Which is so “them.” They’re always being silly and holding hands and picking each other up when I pick Brooklyn up at the end of classes.
We were going to put Brooklyn into soccer next but we decided to continue with tumbling for two reasons.
1) Brooklyn wants to be in the same activity with her friend again.
2) Soccer is three times a week. Tumbling is one. If Brooklyn goes to soccer and Sierra goes to her class that is FIVE days a week I’d have to go somewhere. That would majorly suck right now for me. Having a baby and toddler, I want to avoid going out too much. It’s stressful 😛

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