Steam for the Sicky

Oh boy am I sick. I don’t think there is a single place on my body that doesn’t hurt right now. I’m on day two of no voice and a horribly sore throat. Parenting without being able to speak is really difficult. Really difficult.

I feel so dang bad I think I may have the flu ๐Ÿ™

All of us are sick, actually. The kids have been sick for a couple weeks now. I seem to have it the worst, probably because I don’t get sleep and I’m breastfeeding so my body is completely worn out.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes and praying that I feel better soon. I’m doing well emotionally but I want things back to normal! Normal was hard enough! lol

I’ve had about ten cups of tea a day the last four days. I can tolerate being alive as long as I have a cup of tea in my hand. Within seconds of running out of tea to sip my throat hurts so bad I can’t stand it.

Another helpful thing is hot showers and baths. The steam is so soothing! Yesterday the second Allan got home from work I asked him if I could escape to the bath to relax with Ember while he fed the kids dinner.

6 thoughts on “Steam for the Sicky

  • Sorry you're feeling sick. Have you tried buckwheat honey? When we get sore throats (and coughs) that stuff works wonders. Your local health food store should have it. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hope you feel better very soon. We have been fighting off all sorts of sickness the last few weeks. Pneumonia, bronchitis, stomach bug and now doc thinks our son might have the flu. Not fun and I know parenting with no voice is impossible.

  • I got sick with a bad cold that turned sinus infection that turned ear infection and all that good stuff right after I had Leah. It is the absolute worst when you are trying to recover from childbirth, establish breastfeeding, and take care of the rest of the family. You are soooo right when you say “Normal was hard enough!” And do your kids like to totally take advantage of the fact that you have no voice? My kids eat it up!

  • oceans5, I can't imagine dealing with all of that! I would cry.

    Amber, yeah my kids are being fairly good actually. The only really difficult one is Payson. He doesn't grasp the concept of mommy not being able to talk so he just whines and cries louder when I don't respond to him with words. My facial expressions and hand signals piss him off. lol

  • Sorry you've been ill. I just got done with being sick for a week and a half, and I can't imagine doing that with no voice plus with all the extra responsibilities you have as a mother. Keep sucking down that tea. That's what got me through it. Also, adorable shot of you with Ember.

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