Brooklyn got her first bloody nose the other day. She pinched her nose while making a honking sound and it started to bleed!
Remember this post about Payson’s daily injury? In that post he had twisted his finger up in his stuffed elephant’s nose… the thread on the nose.

Things haven’t slowed down since then. Payson still gets hurt at least once every single day! It’s actually getting really old. He trips or runs into things or jumps off of things or does weird things that end up hurting him. He’s such a boy. My girls are crazy and wild but Payson… my freaking gosh it’s a whole new level!

The other day it was his elephant that hurt him again! His elephant’s nose is getting really worn out from being played with so much and had started to fray. There was a loop of fabric that Payson put his finger through and twisted around, cutting off the circulation.
So Payson starts screaming hysterically about it.

The loop of fabric on his elephant’s nose:

I cut the end of the nose off and sewed it up.

As soon as I was done sewing it he had to try the new nose out. After a few seconds of rubbing he gave it a thumbs up.

I suggested we give the new and improved elephant a bath and Payson started crying and screaming no. No is his favorite word. I guess I’ll have to do some sneaking to get elephant in some soapy water. That thing is dirty.

2 thoughts on “Owies

  • Those boys! I remember when I found out I was having a boy and everyone warned me about how wild and crazy those boys are. I kept saying, “well, he'll have trouble keeping up with my girls, they are are pretty wild and crazy themselves.” But Graham sure gave them a run for their money from the start. He is all boy. You are right, it's like a whole different ball game with boys! And don't you just love it!

  • I can't get over how happy Brooklyn looks! That is a face I have never seen with a bloody nose in this household and bloody nosey's happen too often here.

    Payson is such a funny little boy. His little adventures always put a smile on my face!

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