Good Morning

My dear little home on the internet.

I know I’m neglecting you and I’m sorry. Things get busy when 6 people are sick.
You’re always the first thing to go, aren’t you?

I’ve stolen minutes here and there to edit and upload pictures, though. All I need to do is put them in a post and type out some words and we’re good to go. I’ll make an effort to post daily again. Even just a photo a day if necessary.

Until then you can find me sipping some chamomile goodness in hopes of soothing this wretched sore throat.


Or holding the little girl in the bouncy chair with her yummy baby smell and her sweet soft coos and her happy, all-body grin.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  • I love the soft hues & air brushed quality of the above pics!! Please hurry to get well! I like chamomile tea too! It's one of my faves, sick or not!

    PS Can you put the sweet pics of this blog up on top on your FB page so that I can copy them and frame them too?!

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